Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Blake Horstmann weighs in on Bachelor Nation break-ups and Bachelor in Paradise twist  

Blake Horstmann
Blake Horstmann slams Bachelor in Paradise producers for an alleged upcoming twist. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation’s Blake Horstmann hates the new twist rumored to take place on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. 

After experiencing being both well-liked and villainized within The Bachelor franchise, Blake has lots of thoughts and insider perspectives about the show. 

Recently, Blake didn’t hold back in sharing his take on the latest Bachelor Nation breakups and his thoughts on Bachelor in Paradise. 

Blake Horstmann talks love and drama on Bachelor in Paradise

Blake Horstmann took to Instagram for an AMA, and a fan wanted to know his thoughts on the recent alleged Bachelor in Paradise twist where couples will be split up to interact with new people.

Blake responded with text over the video reading, “Sorta hate it lol.” He also replied, “So I did hear about this. I try to keep my followers spoiler-free so I won’t spoil anything, but they are throwing a big twist in it. Right off the bat, I’m gonna wait to see, but right off the bat, I hate it. 

Elaborating, Blake shared, “We finally found an equation that works, right? There’s like five couples, four still together, I think, from Bachelor in Paradise last year. It works. And honestly, I wouldn’t hate it if the show wasn’t always about ‘here for the right reasons.’ Wasn’t always about ‘this is about love, love, love.’ Well, clearly, it’s not because now we’re trying to make it as dramatic as possible [and] tear these couples apart.”

Blake continued, “And it’s just like decide what you are as a show. You know what I mean? So we’ll wait and see.” 

Blake added text writing, “The show just needs to decide what it is…love or drama? People can watch trashy television all they want. What sets this show apart is the love.”

Giving his take on the BIP producers’ thought process with the twist, Blake wrote, “Producers: ‘Paradise is working for couples so well… let’s f**k it all up and change it.” But we will see…” 

Blake Horstmann's Instagram story
Pic credit: @balockaye.h/Instagram

Blake Horstmann tells fans to leave Bachelor Nation stars alone 

One of Blake’s fans also wanted to know why there have been so many Bachelor Nation breakups lately. 

Blake responded, “You know, unfortunately, there are a lot of breakups in Bachelor Nation lately. It’s sad. It sucks. I hate to see, you know, relationships not work out. But guys, the odds of a relationship actually working in Bachelor Nation are horrible. No different than the real world.” 

Blake added, “To continue along those lines, it’s just as good of odds to find a relationship in Bachelor Nation as there is in the local bar in the real world. So, a lot of relationships don’t work out. That’s just the way it is.”

Concluding his response, Blake shared, “But one thing I gotta say about Bachelor Nation: Leave them alone. Leave Nayte alone. Leave Michelle alone. Leave Katie alone. Leave John. Leave everybody alone.” 

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC. 

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