Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Are Michael and Danielle still together?

Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio
Bachelor Nation’s Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby left paradise in love. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8’s Monday night episode ended with just two couples considering engagement, but several other pairs agreed their relationship was still worth pursuing as they exited the beach. 

BIP’s “mom and dad,” Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby, were one of the couples that felt they needed more time before jumping into a proposal.

While they wanted to take things slower than the show’s quick-engagement premise, Michael and Danielle still left the island together and as in love as ever, with Danielle expressing excitement to wake up to Michael daily. 

Michael and Danielle had a lot of real-world planning to navigate, such as their different locations and Danielle being introduced to Michael’s beloved son James. 

The pair appeared hopeful their relationship would continue to thrive but did their relationship actually continue post-paradise?  

Here’s where Michael and Danielle stand now.

Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby’s relationship status revealed

Bachelor Nation spoiler king, Reality Steve revealed lots of tea on several of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 cast’s post-show relationships. 

For fans of Michael and Danielle, there was good news as Reality Steve declared the two are still together. 

It seems that Michael hasn’t yet got down on one knee, but they are making significant life changes to make their relationship work, according to Reality Steve. 

Danielle is reportedly planning to move to Ohio to be closer to Michael. However, she’s not moving in with Michael and James but instead getting her own place as the pair chooses to move at their own pace. 

Michael and Danielle’s lasting relationship may not be surprising to some viewers as a major spoiler was shared earlier this year when Michael and Danielle were snapped in photos together at Wells Adams’ wedding to actress Sarah Hyland

The two appeared coupled up at the wedding, which occurred before Bachelor in Paradise aired. 

Michael Allio is ‘incredibly sorry’ at Bachelor in Paradise reunion 

While Michael found a happy ending with Danielle, he seemingly still has some apologies to make.

In previews for the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 reunion, Michael is shown saying, “I’m incredibly sorry. I didn’t give you the closure that you needed.” 

Editing aimed to make it look like Michael was saying sorry to Danielle, but it’s likely Michael was apologizing to Sierra Jackson, who he had a relationship with when he first arrived on the beach.

Michael came under fire for breaking up with Sierra after claiming he might not be ready for love, only to quickly entertain a relationship with Danielle when she conveniently arrived on the beach. 

Sierra has since called out Michael and Danielle on social media, so time will tell if Michael’s reunion apology was directed toward her. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC. 

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