Bachelor in Paradise season 6 air date: When will show return in 2019?

Bachelor In Paradise
Bachelor In Paradise has just wrapped, but will the show return next year? Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor In Paradise has just wrapped season five of the show, ending another year of successful relationships.

The show is a spin-off from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, giving rejected contestants a chance to find love with one another.

While some of the contestants are there to have a fun summer in Mexico, others are there because they want to find love and get engaged. Ever since the show began, there have been proposals happening after contestants have only known one another for weeks. As viewers saw on this past season of the show, there are now marriages and babies as well.

Given the success rate of Bachelor In Paradise, one can imagine that ABC will renew the show, but the network has not announced anything in relation to the 2019 season. Hopes are high, but nothing is official until ABC announces a new season. And that may not happen until well into 2019.

One of the reasons why ABC would want to renew Bachelor In Paradise is the consistency in ratings. Bachelor In Paradise aired both on Mondays and Tuesdays this summer, totaling four hours of airtime a week.

Even though that’s a lot of airtime for a single primetime show, the ratings didn’t decrease. On Mondays, there was a consistent viewership of around 4.5 million, and Tuesdays were consistently around 4 million.

If the show is renewed, fans can expect the show to return in August 2019. Over the past five seasons, the premiere date has always fallen in August after The Bachelorette wraps up. The show runs for a month, ending in early September every year.

Bachelor In Paradise is currently on hiatus but there’s a good chance that it will be renewed for the 6th season in 2019.

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