Bachelor in Paradise: Josh is totally pissed and Caila Quinn is looking HOT

Amanda on Bachelor in Paradise
Amanda tells the girls about Evan warning her off Josh on tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise

On tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise, Josh Murray is totally pissed at Evan Bass for warning Amanda Stanton off him — and Caila Quinn turns up looking super-hot and posing a threat to the other women.

A preview clip shows Amanda revealing to some of the other girls how Evan told him there were “concerns about Josh” — with the girls agreeing that she should “be careful” of Josh.

But when Josh hears the rumors Evan’s been spreading, he’s not happy — and takes him to the beach for a one-on-one chat. But will he totally flip ahead of the rose ceremony?

Grant Kemp says: “I don’t think anyone wants to see Josh lose it, especially tonight.”

Josh says: “Evan was bringing up the fictional story that my ex has written about me, and trying to make me look bad in front of Amanda.

“You know that you don’t just go behind people’s backs and talk about them, you approach them, in any situation, and to try and ruin someone’s connection and talk negatively about somebody or put something that’s fictional in somebody’s ear to hurt a relationship just for you to possibly stay here…that’s just a very immature thing to do.”

Meanwhile a US Weekly clip shows Caila Quinn turn up to join the Bachelor in Paradise group — and her arrival gets some very mixed reactions.

While the guys are totally blown over by how gorgeous she is — with reactions ranging from “damn, she is good-looking” to “she’s got a great body” — the girls are not overly enthused.

Why? Because someone with looks like Caila’s could easily distract the men and cause all sorts of problems. How about Jared Haibon?

Oh, and did we mention Ashley Iaconetti? Let the tears begin…

Also on tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise, one of the single guys goes all out for one of the ladies who’s already taken.

And the bachelors all try to step it up a gear as they enjoy a cocktail party in a bid to not be sent packing.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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