Bachelor in Paradise: Johnny DePhilipo reveals his brother is in prison

Bachelor in Paradise star Johnny DePhilipo said he was now open to an engagement.
Bachelorette alum Johnny DePhilipo shared his family secret with Victoria Fuller and believes she is the one. Pic credit: @johnnydephillipo/Instagram

Last night’s Bachelor in Paradise episode was filled with revelations. But the biggest one is still surrounded by mystery.

Johnny DePhilippo and Victoria Fuller’s relationship seemed to progress after the two overcame their triangle-shaped hurdle.

Johnny was happy Victoria chose him over Alex Bordyukov. As a result, he opened up more to her in this week’s episode.

The two talked about their respective fathers and how they teased them with love.

Johnny even revealed that his dad used to call him “Porkchop” and “Fat kid.”

However, the big revelation came when Johnny started talking about his mother. He confided in Victoria that his mother was going through some rough times but that she was strong. The Bachelorette alum dropped a bomb as he revealed that he hadn’t yet shared a family secret with her.

Johnny DePhillipo shared his family secret with Victoria Fuller

Johnny hesitated before revealing that the reason behind his mother’s struggle was that his older brother was in prison.

Victoria was shocked as she said, “No! Oh no!”

Johnny looked in the camera’s direction and said, “Now, the world knows.” He seemingly didn’t give further details about his brother’s situation on camera.

Victoria quickly reassured him that she was glad he told her and was there for him. The two shared a sweet moment while they held each other closely.

Victoria shared in her confessional that she was happy that Johnny was opening up to her more. She explained, “He’s my person now, and I can see him being my person forever.”

Johnny DePhillipo revealed he’s ready to get engaged

Johnny echoed the same sentiment in his confessional. He said he cared deeply about Victoria and wanted her to know him better. He said he wanted her to know everything about him.

He explained that he and his brothers have been going through a hard time and that he wanted his girlfriend to know of his struggles.

He also admitted that he was afraid to reveal this secret to Victoria because he didn’t want to scare her. He said, “It’s scary. I don’t want her to run away. That will scare people away.”

Thankfully, she didn’t run away but instead ran into his arms. And Johnny loved it!

He told the cameras, “I think it tells a lot about someone who can say ‘I’m there for you.’”

He said, “Victoria’s slowly becoming that person… I’m becoming more open to the possibility of being engaged.” He then admitted, “It’s such a good feeling.”

Johnny had been honest with Victoria since the beginning and said he wanted to take things day by day since he wasn’t sure he saw an engagement at the end.

While Johnny seems more open to a serious relationship with Victoria after last night, things might have changed since filming wrapped, as Victoria was recently linked to another man.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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