Bachelor in Paradise: Here’s who went home week 3

Karl Smith puts his hand to his face
The latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise saw five contestants go home. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise sent five contestants home this week, with the first two exits happening before the rose ceremony even began. 

Here are all the people who weren’t able to make the cut after week 3 in paradise. 

Tre Cooper gracefully bows out 

At the start of paradise, Tre Cooper managed to make a connection with Tahzjuan Hawkins even despite the fact that she had previously dated his impressive uncle. 

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However, shortly after seeing the way Tahzjuan swooned over newcomer Riley Christian, Tre realized his love connection with Tahzjuan wasn’t as strong as he thought. 

In the latest episode, Tre pulled Tahzjuan aside before the rose ceremony and expressed that he no longer saw their potential to go the distance, especially due to their continuous miscommunication.

Since Tahzjuan had been his only romantic connection, Tre decided to kindly bid his goodbyes and leave paradise before the rose ceremony. 

Tahzjuan Hawkins packs her bags shortly after Tre 

It didn’t take long for Tahzjuan to follow in Tre’s footsteps and exit paradise before the rose ceremony. 

Over time in paradise, Tajzjuan seemed to inexplicably deteriorate and once she was rejected by her crush, Riley, it seems Tahzjuan lost interest in finding love on the island. 

No longer wanting to deal with the nature or the love drama, Tahzjuan quietly packed her bags and rode off into the night, presumably not saying any public goodbyes before going home. 

Her exit was a bummer to the remaining cast as well as viewers who deemed Tahzjuan the “Queen of Paradise” due to her silly and animated reactions on the beach. 

Karl Smith and Chasen Nick can’t ring-in a win 

Karl’s time on paradise was short-lived, and Chasen Nick’s time was even shorter, as the two men’s constant arguing and one-upping of one another contributed to their downfall. 

Karl had seemingly made a connection with Deandra, although their relationship appeared to greatly lack chemistry and be one-sided with Karl clearly more into Deandra than she was of him. 

Chasen attempted to strike up a quick connection with Deandra after asking her on an intimate group date and it seemed like Deandra might have preferred Chasen over Karl.

Before the rose ceremony, Karl and Chasen spent most of their time trying to top each other by gifting Deandra with jewelry. This choice ultimately backfired because both were sent home during the rose ceremony when Deandra chose to give her rose to Ivan. 

Connor Brennan sings the blues 

Perhaps the most heartbreaking elimination this week was Connor Brennan, who got his heart broken when Maurissa decided to give her coveted rose to Riley. 

Connor had developed feelings for Maurissa and had tried to remain hopeful about their relationship even after Maurissa had gone on a racy date with Riley. 

However, Connor’s bubble quickly burst when he learned that Maurissa and Riley had hooked up in the Boom Boom Room, and Connor was left to sing his saddest songs before being sent home during the rose ceremony. 

As he emotionally rode away from paradise, Connor yet again tearfully questioned himself and expressed a desire to one day feel chosen, which was hard to watch for viewers who love Connor and his playful punny spirit. 

Now, with the drama in paradise heating up and several couples being tested, there are sure to be plenty more tearful goodbyes ahead. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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