Bachelor in Paradise fans were uncomfortable watching Victoria and Johnny on the finale — Here’s why

Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo
Fans felt a certain way about Victoria and Johnny heading towards a proposal on the BIP finale. Pic credit: ABC

For Bachelor in Paradise fans who have been keeping up with the current state of the contestants, last night’s episode may have been difficult to watch.

Especially the scenes that showed Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo gearing up for a possible proposal.

With the news that Victoria is dating former The Bachelorette contestant Greg Grippo in real-time, watching her and Johnny emphasize their love for one another during Monday night’s episode was undoubtedly difficult for many viewers to see.

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Although Johnny did voice a few concerns about getting engaged so quickly, the two ultimately chose to forgo the fantasy suite in preparation for an expected engagement.

A lot has clearly happened since the episodes were filmed back in June, and the background knowledge that Victoria is now with someone else made viewers very vocal about the situation on social media last night.

Recently, Victoria has been spotted traveling Europe with Greg, the two have “soft launched” their relationship on social media, and Greg was even caught deleting a flirty comment on one of her Instagram posts.

So, naturally, watching her say she wants to get engaged to Johnny on the BIP finale caused in-the-know fans to feel a certain way.

Fans were uncomfortable watching Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo’s BIP scenes

What were fans thinking while watching Victoria and Johnny during the first half of the BIP finale?

One viewer said the scenes “could’ve been an email” after knowing how their situation ultimately ends up.

“Can’t wait to see what happens with Victoria and Johnny tonight!!!! Oh wait a sec….” another viewer sarcastically wrote.

Comment about Victoria and Johnny
Pic credit: @bails_of_hey/Twitter

Another user labeled their finale scenes as “cringy” due to the fact that they are no longer together.

Tweet about Johnny and Victoria
Pic credit: @bell12804/Twitter

One fan even said their parts were too brutal to watch.

All in all, many viewers made light of the situation by joking about the inevitable. “Victoria and Johnny looked so cute at the rose ceremony lmao that sucks,” one fan said.

Comment about BIP finale
Pic credit: @wintermcconnell/Twitter

Victoria Fuller ‘soft launches’ relationship with Greg Grippo

In news that has surely blazed across Bachelor Nation over the past few weeks, Victoria and Greg have been sneakily showing fans that they are, in fact, an item.

Over the weekend, Victoria shared a close-up photo of her holding the hand of a “mystery man” — which, because of the ring, wasn’t hard to tell whose hand it was.

Former Bachelor Nick Viall even shared a TikTok video that showed Victoria giving Greg a kiss on the cheek, where he included a “Soft launch” comment.

Although the two may not have declared their relationship fully on social media yet, it is rumored that fans can expect the official announcement to happen during tonight’s airing of the Bachelor in Paradise reunion.

The Bachelor in Paradise finale airs tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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