Bachelor in Paradise duo Brandon Jones and Rodney Mathews remember life before ‘Casa Amor split’

Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones’ latest post shows him partying next to Rodney Mathews. Pic credit: ABC

Current Bachelor in Paradise contestants Brandon Jones and Rodney Mathews recently commemorated the good ol’ days — AKA, the days before BIP decided to throw in one of its biggest plot twists to date.

Both Brandon and Rodney were first seen on Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette, where they made it far along as top contenders for Michelle’s heart.

Now, the two have been going strong on the beaches of Paradise, with Brandon immediately hitting it off with Serene Russell and Rodney recently sparking an unexpected connection with Lace Morris.

Although things may be looking up for the dynamic duo, BIP previews have shown that this week brings new challenges for the current Season 8 contestants.

The current women appear to be split and held in a separate house, away from their men, as a new set of ladies arrive in an attempt to form their own relationships. Many have made the connection to the reality series Love Island, in which a similar situation happens and “Casa Amor” is introduced.

On Sunday, Brandon took to Instagram to recognize the new situation viewers will finally get to see during this week’s episodes.

Brandon Jones and Rodney Mathews pose while partying on Bachelor in Paradise

Brandon shared a photo and video alongside Rodney in a club-like setting that showed the two posing side by side and dancing with champagne flutes in their hands.

Brandon rocked a knit beanie and white T-shirt with a flannel tied around his waist, while Rodney sported a colorful patterned shirt that was left unbuttoned on top.

The post’s caption read, “Life before the casa amor split ?️,” insinuating that there is definitely drama coming up on the Paradise beaches.

As if the caption weren’t enough proof of the craziness to come, Rodney even chimed in with a comment that said, “Before madness ensues my boy.”

Rodney's comment on Brandon's post
Pic credit: @bmacjones/Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise preview shows a drama-filled plot twist

A few previews for tonight’s episode have shown BIP viewers that, in the words of Jesse Palmer, “everything is about to change.”

For the first time in Paradise history, the current relationships between the contestants will be tested in a way they have never been before.

Being referred to as “Split Week,” the women are told to pack their bags and leave Paradise immediately as a new slew of arrivals are brought in and introduced to the men.

Fans of the franchise may recognize some familiar faces, including Bachelor in Paradise returner Jessenia Cruz.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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