Bachelor in Paradise couple Kira Mengistu and Romeo Alexander have officially split

Kira Mengistu and Romeo Alexander
Kira Mengistu has announced her breakup with Romeo Alexander. Pic credit: ABC

After speculation that the two may have gone their separate ways, Kira Mengistu has officially announced that she and Romeo Alexander have chosen to end their Bachelor in Paradise relationship.

The couple undoubtedly had one of the most non-conventional relationships to hit the Season 8 BIP beach this year, with Kira being eliminated and then returning in an attempt to woo Jacob Rapini back.

After being denied by Jacob, Kira decided to “shoot her shot” with contestant Romeo again, and the two left the beach arm in arm — although it seemed as if Romeo was being held against his will at the time.

During the Season 8 reunion, Bachelor Nation was shocked to see that the two were still together and seemingly still going strong in their relationship since leaving the show.

However, the past 24 hours have had fans scratching their heads in terms of their relationship.

After both Kira and Romeo posted content on Instagram that suggested they had maybe broken things off, Kira took to her Stories to set the record straight.

Bachelor in Paradise’s Kira Mengistu and Romeo Alexander have split

“Romeo and I have gone our separate ways,” Kira blatantly wrote to announce the news.

She followed up by telling her fans that Romeo had disappointed her after she had tried to make it work.

“Sometimes you shouldn’t give people a second chance to disappoint you,”

Kira Mengistu's Story
Pic credit: @kiramengistu/Instagram

While Kira and Romeo may not have been the strongest couple to leave the show, it’s always sad to see a BIP relationship fail outside of the Paradise “bubble.”

Fans spectate Kira and Romeo’s split ahead of announcement

While Kira and Romeo haven’t been overly lovey-dovey on social media since the BIP reunion, their most recent shares have inferred there may have been some trouble in (or outside of) Paradise after all.

On Thursday, Romeo shared a photo of him in a suit alongside a screenshot of him on Bachelor in Paradise with the caption, “It’s been a journey, but it’s time to say goodbye to the lip biter.”

Fans were immediately curious as to what Romeo was saying “goodbye” to and whether or not it was everything relating to his time on BIP, including his relationship with Kira.

Comment on Romeo's post
Pic credit: @doctor_romeo/Instagram

Kira also recently shared an Instagram Story with a quote that read, “To avoid disappointment, take people as they are and not what they could be.”

Romeo also shared a Story shortly before the official announcement with text that read, “Back to the start.”

Was Romeo referring to the fresh start he now has as a single man again?

Romeo Alexander's Story
Pic credit: @doctor_romeo/Instagram

No matter the case, the couple will still live on in the Bachelor in Paradise books as one of the most shocking couples to continue on in their relationship outside of the show – if only for a little while.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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