Bachelor in Paradise couple Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour are selling their first house together

Hannah and Dylan
Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour are selling their home and moving. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour of Bachelor in Paradise shared a big life update with their fans.

The couple has announced they have bought a new house and will be moving in the next month.

Although they haven’t been living in their first home for very long and weren’t specifically planning to move, both expressed that they had fallen in love with the new house and bought it only 10 days after first seeing it.

Sharing the news on her YouTube page, Hannah said the lack of space in their current house played a role in the decision, and Dylan added that they’d been told the market was good by their realtor.

Although they are both excited for the move, Hannah also expressed concern over how much could go wrong in the process, especially in terms of selling the house.

The couple is currently holding open houses and hoping to find someone who loves the house as much as they have.

Hannah also managed to sneak in this secret look at the view from their new home, even as Dylan pushed for it to be a surprise.

the view from the couple's new home
Pic credit: Hannah Godwin/YouTube

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour share their favorite memories

The pair gushed about their first house and some of their favorite memories.

“What’s your one favorite memory that we’ve had in this house ever?” Hannah asked.

“The one that stands out is when we had a housewarming party. We all just danced in the kitchen chanting people’s names and giving them tequila,” Dylan said. “It was like 7 p.m. or something, so stupid, but it was really funny.”

Hannah’s favorite memory was their first Thanksgiving in the house. She also spoke on how proud she was of the entire experience and of all the memories they’d made there. The Bachelor in Paradise alum said the house made them grow both as a couple and individually.

“Time to grow. Time to move on,” Dylan agreed.

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour talk future plans

Hannah and Dylan also talked about what life milestones they would share in the new house.

hannah and dylan in the kitchen
Hannah and Dylan posed in their current house. Pic credit: Hannah Godwin/YouTube

“We’ll have six kids in the house,” Dylan joked. “Seven maybe.”

Hannah and Dylan have been together since Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. Although the two were initially tangled in a love triangle with fellow castmate Blake Horstmann, they left the season engaged.

They have since celebrated their relationship with an official engagement party, moved in together, and announced their two-year anniversary this past June.

Hannah has promised to keep fans updated on the couple’s newest life update. With their moving date fast approaching, Hannah and Dylan are already planning a new house tour and asking followers for their best decorating tips.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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