Bachelor in Paradise: Abigail Heringer just dropped a big spoiler about what happens with Joe and Serena

Abigail Heringer opens her mouth
Abigail Heringer may have clued viewers in on Joe and Serena’s relationship status. Pic credit: ABC

In just the first few episodes of Bachelor in Paradise, couples are linking up and breaking up just as quickly. 

One of the couples that haven’t had too many hiccups is Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt, and it seems fellow castmate, Abigail Heringer, may have just dropped a hint that Joe and Serena’s relationship is still smooth sailing after BIP filming wrapped. 

Abigail Heringer wants to ‘steal’ Serena Pitt from Joe Amabile 

As Bachelor in Paradise unfolds, the current cast has been both coyly and blatantly reacting to the episodes that air and promoting the show. 

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To promote an upcoming episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Serena Pitt shared a post of her standing outside in a bathing suit along with the caption, “Feeling beachy tonight, I wonder why” with the winky-face emoji. 

The post received lots of love, including from Abigail Heringer, who befriended Serena P. during Matt James’ controversial and scandalous season of The Bachelor.

Fans quickly took note of the comment Abigail left under Serena’s post which read, “I’m stealing you away from @joeamabile.” 

Abigail Heringer instagram comment
Abigail Heringer comments a potential spoiler. Pic credit: @abigail_heringer/Instagram

Several fans reacted to Abigail’s comment, believing it to be a spoiler that proves Grocery Store Joe and Serena Pitt are still actively together after Bachelor in Paradise ended. 

Abigail’s comment would suggest that Serena must be taken if Abigail would have to steal her away, and with how well Serena and Joe’s relationship is going on Bachelor in Paradise it wouldn’t be too surprising if the pair does in fact end up being one of the last couples standing. 

Abigail’s comment aligns with other spoiler sources 

Abigail’s telling comment is not the only reason fans believe Serena and Joe’s pairing works out in the end.

According to the typically credible source, Reality Steve, Serena and Joe are allegedly one of the three couples who leave paradise in an engagement at the end of the season. 

Since Serena and Joe are a seemingly exclusive couple at this point in the season, it’s entirely possible that Abigail’s comment on Serena’s post was not a slip-up but rather just a fun and flirty comment she made under her friend’s post to emphasize what viewers already know from the episodes so far. 

Regardless, Abigail’s comment certainly added fuel to the speculations that Serena and Joe will still be an item even after Bachelor in Paradise comes to a close. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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