Babygirl Lisa gave Ash Naeck some surprising advice for his 40th birthday

Babygirl Lisa responded to Ash Naeck’s post about needing advice for his upcoming 40th birthday. Pic credit: TLC

Ahead of his 40th birthday, Ash Naeck from Season 4 of Before the 90 Days asked his followers on Instagram if they had any advice or recommendations before he starts a new decade of life. Surprisingly, one of the nicest and most encouraging responses came from Babygirl Lisa.

Babygirl Lisa is not known for her kind words or nice gestures, she is actually known for being crass and vulgar with volatile behavior. Her image has changed a little bit since she has remarried and settled down in the US, but 90 Day Fiance viewers defintely remember the old Lisa.

Ash asked his followers, “Turning 40 in a few days any advice or things you would recommend me to undertake before the end of my 30s. Drop them down and I will make them happen (realistic suggestions only).”

His followers offered all kinds of suggestions like getting a piercing, skydiving, giving up social media, and taking part in a threesome, but it was BGL who surprisingly had the most practical advice of all.

Babygirl Lisa offered a nice sentiment to Ash for his birthday

Ash got a lot of responses from fans who tried to offer him the solid advice he asked for before he turns 40. The Instagram story post featured a selfie from Ash making a funny face with the question below.

IG story from Ash Naeck
ASh posed a question to followers ahead of his 40th birthday. Pic credit: @themindbodycoach/Instagram

Out of all the responses he shared only one response from a fellow 90 Day Fiance cast member, Babygirl Lisa. Her suggestion to Ash was very sweet but also kind of strange because BGL is not known for her encouraging rhetoric to cast members.

Babygirl Lisa said, “Laugh and embrace your new age it only gets better! Love you Ash (smile/heart emoji).”

IG story from Ash Naeck
Lisa Hamme (BGL) had a nice response to Ash’s question regarding his upcoming birthday. Pic credit: @themindbodycoach/Instagram

Ash responded with a heart as BGL’s post was perhaps the most thoughtful that he had received from the question.

Ash and Babygirl Lisa have been out of the 90 Day Fiance spotlight for a while but they have not been forgotten

There is speculation that BGL was fired from 90 Day Fiance for making racist comments towards her soon-to-be Nigerian ex-husband Usman. She still has a commanding presence on social media, however, and apparently interacts with her fellow cast members.

Ash was pegged as being sexist and a not so great person after his time on Before the Days for the way he carried out his occupation as a relationship coach, how he treated his ex Avery, and for the disaster of a seminar he tried to teach about how women can have better relationships.

Ash still has fans just like BGL and he also is very present on social media, so if 90 Day Fiance viewers want to keep up with them, they can be found online.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.

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