Ashley Martson would not rule out 90 Day Fiance: What Now or Pillow Talk but would never find love on the TLC hit again

Ashley Martson on 90 Day Fiance
Ashley Martson started on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance and ended with a not so Happily Ever After. Pic credit: TLC

Ashley Martson already said her goodbyes to 90 Day Fiance fans who have been watching her life play out on reality TV since she was introduced during Season 6 last year.

After starring on Season 4 of Happily Ever After? and splitting with Jay Smith in what turned out to be quite the opposite of a happy ending, Ashley is speaking out about the experience.

When it comes to showcasing her love on a show like 90 Day Fiance, Ashley Martson says she’d never do the show again. However, she’s not ruling out reality TV altogether and not even ruling out the 90 Day Fiance franchise, so she can’t be too mad about what went down while she was on the show.

While speaking to Domenick Nati in an interview on Tuesday, Ashley did say she would return on a show like 90 Day Fiance: What Now? which gives fans an update of previous 90 Day Fiance stars after they aren’t featured on the show or any of its spinoffs anymore.

Ashley also said she would be interested in making appearances on the ever-popular Pillow Talk, where old 90 Day Fiance stars watch the show along with us and critique or crack jokes about what is going on.

Would you want to see Ashley Martson return to the 90 Day Fiance world by way of one of those shows or are her 15 minutes over?