Ashley Martson says she could ‘get Jay out of detention center tomorrow’ if she wanted to but she won’t do it

Ashley Martson on Instagram
Ashley Martson talks about Jay Smith’s incarceration. Pic credit: @ashleye_90/Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson is living her best life as her estranged husband Jay Smith languishes in an immigration detention center.

Jay has been behind bars for nearly a month now after violating a protection from abuse order before being transferred to ICE custody as his immigration issues are sorted out.

While speaking with Domenick Nati in an interview on Tuesday, Nati asked Ashley if she has visited him since he was taken into custody.

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Aside from seeing him in court, Ashley said that she actually hadn’t seen Jay since June, which would have been prior to his current stint in jail.

Then, Ashley boasted that if she wanted to get Jay Smith out of the detention center tomorrow, she could do it. The 90 Day Fiance star explained that the entire reason Jay is behind bars right now has to do with her failure to fill out paperwork to adjust his green card after they got married.

If she were to do that, Jay’s immigration issues would go away and he would be a free man but the reason Ashley doesn’t want to do that actually makes sense.

As Ashley explained, she doesn’t know for sure if Jay’s “stripper girlfriend” is pregnant or not but she told Domenick Nati that his sister Poochie posted about welcoming a niece or nephew, leading her to believe that Jay has knocked this girl up.

If that is the case or if Jay happens to impregnate her or someone else after gaining his freedom back and that baby mama was to file for child support, she could be held legally responsible since she vouched for Jay.

Paying his potential child support for a child he could have with someone else is a pretty good reason to give pause to helping him gain his freedom. Especially since Ashley believes that Jay’s girlfriend might actually be with child right now.

Anyway, Ashley shares some pretty shocking details about the drama with Jay Smith and his “stripper girlfriend” who she emphasizes has changed careers and is a bottle girl now. You can feel the sarcasm as she spills all the tea.

Check out the rest of Ashley Martson’s debut on The Domenick Nati Show.

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