Ashley Jones denies ‘attacking anyone’ while filming Teen Mom spinoff, says ‘ I was ganged up on’

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones clears up insinuation that she started a fight while filming spinoff show
Ashley Jones says she did not pick a fight with her castmates. Pic credit: MTV

Drama has already kicked while filming the new Teen Mom spinoff show but Ashley Jones wants to make it clear that she was not the aggressor. Yesterday, Briana’s mom Roxanne lashed out on social media and spoke about a fight that occurred. The fight involved both her daughters Briana and Brittany along with Jade Cline and she made it seem as if Ashley caused the drama.

However, Ashley took to social media recently to clear up any assumptions about that and made it known that there’s video evidence to prove what really happened. The Teen Mom 2 stars are currently together filming the spinoff along with a few others from the Teen Mom franchise.

While the specific premise of the show is still unclear, the reports are that the women are on some type of retreat.

Ashley Jones says she did not attack anyone

Yesterday Briana Dejesus’ mom Roxanne took to social media to blast MTV for an incident that took place while taping the Teen Mom spinoff. Roxanne claimed in her Instagram video that Brittany, Briana, and Jade Cline were booted from the hotel following an altercation with Ashley.

However, she didn’t think it was fair that Ashley wasn’t asked to leave as well.

Ashley has clearly caught wind of Roxanne’s claims and she posted a message in an effort to set the record straight. The Teen Mom 2 star shared a post in her Instagram Story and made it clear that she “did not attack anyone.”

“I was ganged up on and people tried to get physical with ME. Not the other way around,” wrote Ashley who also noted that there is actual footage of the altercation.

“When the footage airs someone is going to look like a liar,” she added.

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Siren clears her name amid drama filming new spinoff
Pic credit:@Ashleysiren/Instagram

Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus drama

It seems the drama between the Teen Mom 2 stars will continue to play out when the spinoff airs.

Ashley and Briana got into a war of words a few weeks ago and things have continued to escalate. The altercation started when Briana accused Kailyn Lowry of not showing her real life on camera after she was cut from an episode and this started a back and forth between them.

Ashley then stepped in to defend Kailyn and called Briana fake for insinuating that the mom-of-four was cut from the episode so that Briana could have more airtime. Since then the Teen Moms have been feuding and it appears things escalated during the filming of the spinoff.

So far we’ve heard Roxanne’s side of the story and a short rebuttal from Ashley, but we’re hoping more details will emerge as time goes by.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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