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Ariela Weinberg responds to 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers who think Leandro’s visit is disrespectful

Ariela Weinberg looks in the camera
Viewers were not pleased with Ari during her visit with Leandro. Pic credit: TLC

From the missing engagement ring to the tight leopard dress, Ariela Weinberg is preparing for her ex-husband Leandro’s visit on the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Ariela previously shocked fans when it was revealed that she invited her ex-husband to stay with her, her fiancé Biniyam, and their young son, Aviel in Ethiopia.

While Ariela told Biniyam they were best friends and he had nothing to worry about, viewers have majorly bashed Ariela for her behavior during her ex’s arrival so far.

Ariela admitted she would’ve ended up with Leandro if she hadn’t met Biniyam

Meeting at 19 years old, Ariela and her Argentinian ex were married for 10 years before they decided to separate.

Leaving that relationship because she wanted to travel and find herself, Ariela admitted that if it wasn’t for meeting Biniyam, she probably would’ve eventually returned to Leandro.

Ariela hoped Leandro’s visit would prove to Biniyam that the relationship was over between her and her ex but it only made him watch with an even more suspicious eye.

While there was some passive aggressiveness between Leandro and Bini, the comfortability is apparent between Ariela and her ex. Opening his luggage, Leandro noted that some of the things he brought were gifts but a majority of things were items that Ariela ordered herself.

Biniyam was unaware of the whole transaction as Leandro continued to reiterate, “she got a huge order.” Pulling out two black bras, he apologized for not finding the exact brand she wanted and promised he would bring the “good ones” next time.

This didn’t sit well with Biniyam as he told producers that he felt it was inappropriate for Leandro to be buying an engaged woman lingerie.

Ariela defended her request in her confessional, stating her body had changed due to pregnancy and she hadn’t found a quality bra in Ethiopia yet.

Ariela reveals she and Leandro never officially broke up

The bras were only the beginning of the awkwardness of Leandro’s visit.

As the conversation flowed, Ariela revealed that the two didn’t really break up years ago, “I just never came home.”

This quickly became an exchange of closure between Ariela and Leandro, with Biniyam awkwardly sitting in the middle.

“Were you mad at me?” Ariela asked her ex.

“I was mad at the beginning, but then, it’s like everything, it lasts for a moment,” he replied.

Speaking as if Biniyam wasn’t sitting right next to her, Ariela explained her reasoning to her ex on why she didn’t break up with him. “At the time that I did that, I was too scared to talk directly because I didn’t want to lose you.”

“I wanted to keep the option open maybe that if this new life that I was thinking about didn’t work out, I could go back to the life I was comfortable with, which is f**ked up because you didn’t deserve that and I’m sorry.”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers bash Ariela for her behavior during her ex’s visit

After the arrival of Leandro to Ethiopia, 90 Day Fiance viewers had a lot to say about Ariela’s behavior during the visit.

Bringing up a moment last season when Ariela was uncomfortable with Biniyam dancing with his ex on stage, one critic pointed out, “Just a reminder that Ari wanted Bini to quit his JOB last year because he danced with women. Now she’s getting her nails done, wearing dresses and heels, and conveniently forgetting her wedding ring on the day her ex is coming to visit.”

“Ari creates her own problems,” another user wrote. “Like the double standard of she can be Besti’s with her ex-husband but Bini shouldn’t dance with his ex-Gf for money?! Seriously, it’s inappropriate to have her ex IN THEIR home.”

Pic credit: @Emilygilliatt/Twitter

Ariela Weinberg claps back

Ariela took quite a verbal beating on Twitter and upon looking at her Instagram comments, it looks like she got hammered there too. The big difference being that Ariela was quick to respond to quite a few of the shocked commenters on her own page.

One thing that stood out is that 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers seem a lot more concerned about this visit from Leandro and how it will affect Biniyam than she is.

When one commenter brought up the fact that it really looks like there’s still a lot of love (and not of the friendship variety) between Ariela and Leandro, she responded, “well admittedly some of it I’m messing with Bini. My sense of humor doesn’t translate well on TV but hell yeah I was psyched to see him!”

Ariela instagram comment
Pic credit: @arielladanielle/Instagram

Another upset 90 Day Fiance fan wrote, “Wow can believe Ariela how would you feel if that was his ex…” before suggesting that Ariela would be “steaming.”

Ariela responded, “oh relax.”

Ariela Instagram comment
Pic credit: @arielladanielle/Instagram

And when one viewer suggested that Ariela’s behavior is going to have women flocking to Biniyam’s DMs, she responded with four crying-laughing emojis and wrote, “are they not in his DMs now?”

Ariela Instagram comment
Pic credit: @arielladanielle/Instagram

Yet another brought up that not only is this not considered a good idea in Ethiopia, but also said, “trust me, we don’t do this in the USA either” before suggesting that if Ariela was “besties” with her ex, that she should have just stayed married to him.

Ariela shot back, “well you might not do it but I sure did and now you get to watch it.”

Pic credit: @arieladanielle/Instagram

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.