Ariana Grande protects a Voice contestant from Twitter harassment

Ryleigh Plank on The Voice
Ryleigh Plank on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

Ariana Grande is in her first season on The Voice as a coach and she seems to be enjoying her time mentoring young singers.

Previously, Ariana said that she considered herself a stage mom for her team.

She proved this by doing everything she could to protect one of her singers from harassment on social media after their elimination.

Ariana Grande helps The Voice singer avoid online harassment

Ryleigh Plank was trying to extend her stay on the show until she finally went home on Tuesday night.

Team Grande saw Ryleigh head home while Team Legend sent home Shadale on Tuesday night, dropping the competition down to the top 11.

This led to Plank revealing that she has been getting inundated with non-stop tweets from Ariana Grande fans after her elimination. Many of these people want Plank to send their personal messages to Grande for them.

Ryleigh Plant Twitter
Pic credit: @musicbyryleigh/Twitter

While these were not trolls picking on Plank, it is often overwhelming for someone to get blasted with non-stop social media harassment, even if it is just fans wanting Ariana to know they exist.

This didn’t stop people from trying to use Plank to get in touch with Ariana, so her coach did something about it.

Ariana Grande deleted Twitter from Plank’s phone so she wouldn’t have to see it when she was on her phone.

Ryleigh Plank 3 Twitter
Pic credit: @musicbyryleigh/Twitter

This is also important because Plank has suffered from depression in her past and one of Ariana’s fans threatened to harm themselves if she didn’t pass on their message.

Ryleigh Plank 2 Twitter
Pic credit: @musicbyryleigh/Twitter

Team Ariana heading to The Voice finals strong

There are also many fans who don’t think that Ariana Grande has done a great job as a coach this season.

While Ariana has a great ear for talent and put together a great team, there are some fans who felt the singers got worse as the season wore on.

“Bella and Ryleigh sound like they have never strained their voices so hard in their lives,” Reddit user TryAlarming8668 commented. “Katie Rae obviously left Ariana’s team, but before that Ariana mentioned that she needed to be taking care of her voice.”

Some of the thought is that Ariana cares so much about her singers that she isn’t critically helping them and they are struggling because of it.

Ariana Grande only has two singers left in the competition with Jim & Sasha Allen and Holly Forbes.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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