Anna Redman ‘replaces’ Chris Bukowski with gag gift

Anna Redman
Anna Redman found love with Bachelor Nation star Chris Bukowski. Pic credit: @anna_redman/Instagram

Anna Redman and Chris Bukowski are one of Bachelor Nation’s remaining couples.

However, Chris may get replaced by Anna’s latest snuggly item. 

Recently, Anna received a gigantic humorous gift that she teased could become Chris’ competition. 

Anna Redman poses with soda bottle pillow 

Anna Redman took to her Instagram Stories to provide an update on a surprise gift she received. 

In a video, Anna explained, “I had a message from my building I had this giant package I have to pick up. I was like ????? I didn’t order anything. It was this —-“ 

Anna Redman's Instagram story
Pic credit: @anna_redman/Instagram

After keeping her followers in a bit of suspense about what the unexpected gift could be, Anna shared a second post, posing with what was in the package.

Taking a selfie with the gift, Anna held up a huge plush green Mountain Dew pillow that almost appeared bigger than her. 

Anna stared at the camera as she held the soda bottle pillow and wrote over the photo, “Idk if I love it or hate it.” 

Anna Redman's Instagram story
Pic credit: @anna_redman/Instagram

While Anna was initially on the fence about the pillow, it appeared to have grown on her. 

Anna took another photo of herself resting as she snuggled with the large pillow. Anna closed her eyes and puckered her lips as she apologized to her boyfriend, Chris Bukowski. 

Anna tagged Chris in the photo and amusingly wrote, “Sorry [Chris Bukwoski] You’ve been replaced.” 

Anna Redman's Instagram story
Pic credit: @anna_redman/Instagram

Anna Redman and Chris Bukowski find love after Bachelor in Paradise 

Both Anna and Chris appeared on Bachelor in Paradise; however, they were on two separate seasons. 

Chris Bukowski went on Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, where he connected with The Bachelor Season 23 star Katie Morton. 

Chris and Katie had rough patches during their time on the island, but they stuck it out and got engaged in the finale along with two other couples, Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty and Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour. 

Despite getting engaged, Katie and Chris’ relationship was short-lived as they split after paradise. 

Meanwhile, Anna had a brief stint on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 as one of the later arrivals. 

Anna went on a messy group date with The Bachelorette Season 7 star James Bonsall, and while the two got along, it wasn’t enough to continue pursuing the relationship.

Fortunately for Anna and Chris, they were single and ready to mingle when they met and have been going strong since. While Anna teased replacing Chris with a pillow, it doesn’t seem like the pair will be going anywhere as they continue to explore their love. 

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC. 

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