Angie Douthit cancer update: Teen Mom OG star gives scary update after brain bleed scare

Angie Douthit
Angie Douthit gives an update on her cancer battle. Pic credit: MTV

Angie Douthit announced on this past season of Teen Mom OG that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and her doctors had given her 6 months to live. However, she was now pushing over 18 months and she appears to be fighting a daily fight with her illness.

While she was doing great when she filmed the Teen Mom OG reunion, she did recently open up about a scary incident. But it sounds like she has bounced back from that as well, as she recently posted a sweet update about her granddaughter Jaxie and how she had shared her story with others.

However, it was just one week ago that Angie revealed she had a massive headache, a headache that was very different than her usual migraines. After reaching a doctor in the middle of the night, she was advised to go to the hospital’s ER department. When she arrived, she was immediately scanned and the doctors guessed it could be a brain bleed. Given her situation, this wasn’t the best diagnosis.

Then, Angie reveals that one of her first doctors who diagnosed her cancer arrived and told her that while her tumors were lit up, they were okay. She didn’t suffer a brain bleed. She got some medication and they went home.

In her Instagram post, she revealed that she felt bad that she scared her family so much with the emergency room visit in the middle of the night. But her family rallies around her whenever she needs them and they are all ready to drop whatever they need to be there for her. As Angie points out in her post, her husband Brad was terrified about a possible brain bleed, but it sounds like they were able to avoid a major problem this time.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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