Angela Deem really is going to Canada to see her ‘crush’ Billy

Angela and Billy selfies
Angela and Billy will meet in person later this month. Pic credit: @deemangela/Instagram/Vasilios Bill Sotiropoulos/Facebook

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem has revealed that she plans to visit her online “crush,” Billy Sotiropoulos, in Canada later this month.

Angela has already received plenty of backlash for her relationship with Billy and for admitting she had a “TikTok crush” on the former stripper.

Although their interactions have only been online until now, many 90 Day Fiance viewers feel that Angela has acted hypocritically.

Angela is headed to meet Billy in person, and 90 Day Fiance viewers have a lot to say about it.

Taking to social media this week, Angela shared a collage post, both to TikTok and Instagram.

In the post, Angela posted a screenshot of side-by-side photos of herself and Billy during a TikTok video. Both were smiling, and Angela added text at the top which read, “Billy Coming To Toronto to support you April 19th at your fundraiser ❤.”

The text at the bottom of the screen read, “Thank you Angela ?,” and she added Billy’s website for her followers to visit for information about the event, and Taylor Swift’s song …Ready For It? played in the background of the post.

“See you Queens and KINGS at the gala,” Angela captioned the post.

Many of Angela’s 792,000 IG followers headed to the comments, where they put her on blast.

90 Day Fiance viewers slam Angela Deem for planning a trip to Canada to visit her ‘crush’ Billy Sotiropoulos

“Is Michael okay with that but you’re not okay with him having Instagram that’s not a good thing?,” wrote one of Angela’s critics, calling her out for not allowing her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, to have an Instagram account.

Angela fired back at the comment, telling her follower it was none of their business.

“It’s Always 1 sided with you,” penned another one of Angela’s disparagers, to which she replied, “@reelyrell_photos get a life plz ans stay out of mine???.”

angela deem's instagram followers put her on blast for visiting billy in canada
Pic credit: @deemangela/Instagram

When they asked whether Michael was “cool” with her visiting Billy, Angela warned another critic to mind their own business.

Yet another critic noted that Michael isn’t allowed to have an Instagram account to make money, but she’s allowed to travel to Canada to visit her crush.

angela deem's instagram followers put her on blast for visiting billy in canada
Pic credit: @deemangela/Instagram

Billy’s VIP Gala Event fundraiser and book launch is scheduled for April 19 at the Parkview Manor in North York, Ontario. The soiree intends to raise money for Billy, who needs a kidney transplant.

The funds will go towards the Toronto General Hospital’s Home Hemodialysis unit, which Billy says saved his life. Tickets are $150 per person, including a cocktail hour, dinner, and entertainment. For those unable to attend in person, a Zoom option is available for $80 per ticket with a gift package option or $50 for the Zoom link only.

What is the status of Angela’s marriage to Michael Ilesanmi?

The news of Angela traveling to Canada to see Billy comes on the heels of an insider telling In Touch that Angela and Michael are back together following a brief split.

Angela took him back despite Michael’s cyber infidelity with a younger woman. Angela discovered Michael’s unfaithfulness following a trip to visit him in Nigeria.

When she returned to the States, Angela learned about the affair through a friend who sent her texts, screenshots, and voice recordings as evidence. In the voice recording, Michael promised a 31-year-old woman he would send her money and told her he loved her.

Angela broke down in front of TLC producers when she discovered the news, telling them, “I didn’t deserve this.”

Whether or not Michael is aware of Angela’s upcoming visit to see Billy is unclear, but it’s bound to cause even more friction in their already tumultuous marriage.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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