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Andrew S. speaks out on why he’d probably say no to being the next Bachelor

Andrew Spencer wears a blue suit in a closeup photo
Andrew Spencer is hesitant about being the Bachelor after his experience. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette Season 17 fan favorite, Andrew Spencer, has been atop the list of men that Bachelor Nation, and even Katie Thurston, most want to see be named the next Bachelor. 

However, Andrew recently spoke on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast and revealed that there’s some big reasons why he’s not as sold on being the Bachelor as people might expect. 

Andrew Spencer hates all the prying and exposing 

During the podcast interview with Becca Kufrin and Tayshia Adams, Becca stated that being the next lead of The Bachelor franchise crosses more people’s minds than they’re willing to admit. However, Andrew stood by the fact that he, and most of his fellow cast mates, did not go on Katie’s season with the intent to be the Bachelor. 

Andrew suggested that most of the men on his season signed up just to be on the show and have a rare and unique experience. He claimed that his reasoning for joining the show was to represent who he was and even attract some women viewers’ attention. 

Andrew was then asked about what he would say if the Bachelor position was offered to him and Andrew gave an unexpected response, saying, “After knowing all the stuff that goes with it, probably no.” 

He continued with saying, “I would love the chance to find a girl through that process. I would love that. But I hate everything that comes with it. I hate people deep diving into my life.” 

Being a part of The Bachelor franchise in this social media era can be extremely exposing and difficult because of all the attacks on your character. Andrew didn’t like seeing viewers paint him in a negative light due to his past mistakes and insensitivity on social media and he appears to believe the scrutiny would only increase if he were to be the leading man on The Bachelor. 

Andrew had to explain his DUI to his young nephew 

For Andrew, seeing his troublesome tweets and DUI resurface was particularly tough because he has a 10-year-old nephew who looks up to him and had to find out through googling Andrew that his uncle had been arrested. 

Andrew’s nephew confronted him about his past arrest and Andrew told the ladies on the podcast, it was disheartening to see his nephew learn about him that way before he could talk to him personally about it or turn it into a lesson. Andrew stated, “You know that’s really tough for me to explain to my 10-year-old nephew that, you know, I was an idiot at some point.” 

Andrew prides himself on being a positive person and so he wouldn’t want to play into any false negative narrative. He expressed feeling like in this day and age of the show “people are starting to look for the negative stuff and not really focusing on the positive stuff people are doing,” which is a major turn off to him. 

After having his past and his character come into question, Andrew revealed that if it weren’t for the men in the house talking everyday and supporting him, he may have really suffered mentally. The bromance amongst the cast and being able to lean on the men is what really helped him get through the process. 

While Andrew hates the outside factors that come with being apart of the franchise, he did say that he still loves the process of The Bachelor and he hopes Katie Thurston and anyone else who joins the franchise has people to lean on when facing tough criticism after being on the show. 

Interestingly, the two men that fans most want to see star on The Bachelor, Michael Allio and Andrew Spencer, have both expressed leaning more towards not being interested, so now the next Bachelor is even more of a mystery. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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