Andrei Castravet dropped a bomb about his green card situation at the Tell All — The real reason Libby’s husband was facing deportation

Andrei’s possible deportation was given an alternative reason during the Tell All. Pic credit: TLC

During Part 2 of the four-part Tell All for Season 7 of Happily Ever After?, Elizabeth Potthast’s Moldovan husband Andrei Castravet’s immigration issues were brought up and his possible deportation was discussed.

Early on in the season, viewers watched Libby and Andrei sit down with their immigration lawyer Emel and she told him that there was an issue with his green card renewal.

At the time, Emel said it either had to do with something related to Andrei’s past or someone in his life may have filed a complaint against him. Andrei thought someone in Libby’s family was behind his immigration issues.

Andrei has had historically bad relationships with all of Libby’s family, stemming from his attitude and intrusion into the Potthast family house-flipping business.

However, after Libby’s brother Charlie Potthast denied filing a complaint against Andrei, and Libby’s sister Becky Lichtwerch asserted no one in their family would cause trouble like that, another reason for Andrei’s issues came up.

That reason could be very valid and point to why Andrei is now having problems staying in the U.S.

There is a major reason why 90 Day Fiance’s Andrei Castravet could be facing deportation

During the Tell All, Andrei’s lawyer Emel was brought out virtually to advise Andrei and give her opinions on why Andrei is facing deportation.

While Emel said that Andrei is perceived negatively by Libby’s family and that a complaint from someone was the likely proponent of his issues, another reason was given.

The reason was given by Becky, who called Andrei out for overstaying his visa when he came to America previously.

Andrei revealed that he had the J-1 working visa twice before in the mid-2000s and he stayed for three months both times. However, Becky attested that he overstayed his visa and Andrei said it was only by a couple of days.

It was at this point when Andrei was about to elaborate that Emel advised Andrei not to answer any more questions about his past in relation to his immigration complications.

What would Libby do if Andrei got deported?

Libby stood behind her husband at the Tell All and made it clear that if Andrei were to be deported, she and their two children would go with him.

The idea that Libby would be pressured by her family to stay if Andrei had to go was brought up, but Libby said she would not break up her family.

Becky expressed dismay at the thought of not seeing Elizabeth, Andrei, or her niece and nephew again.

However, one of the main takeaways that Libby’s family was trying to make was that they thought Andrei was trying to distance Libby from them purposely. Libby admitted that she was a lot less stressed out having some separation from them.

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