Andre explains his clapping at the Love Island USA recoupling

Andre and Trina on Love Island USA
Andre and Trina on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

When Charlie Lynch chose to recouple with Alana Paolucci, sending Cashay Proudfoot home, Andre Brunelli began a slow clap.

He then slowly looked around and realized he was the only one clapping and slowly and awkwardly stopped.

It became a Love Island USA meme.

The show’s official Instagram page poked fun at it and had him randomly clapping during different moments.

While Andre and the Love Island USA Islanders don’t see the episodes, he knew he looked silly and took a chance to explain it to Trina Njoroge.

Andre explains his recoupling clap on Love Island USA

Andre chose Trina in the recoupling when Korey Gandy chose Olivia Kaiser, his first choice.

After the recoupling, Trina and Andre went to have a private conversation.

Andre opened it up with a comment about his clapping.

He explained that after Charlie chose Alana, he knew it was a tough decision and wanted to clap to show respect for making that choice.

Andre then said he read the room, a bit too late, and then slowly stopped. He said he felt really bad and Trina laughed it off.

She told him if it happened again, she would have his back.

Andre and Trina on Love Island USA

Most Love Island USA fans felt that Andre chose Trina because his only choice went before him and he thought Trina deserved a chance to find love.

However, Andre explained to Trina that he chose her out of the three remaining girls in the recoupling because he felt they had similar hearts when it came to going for things.

Trina seemed really happy about it and it looks like she might be willing to try to give someone her heart again.

It has been a tough road for Trina.

She started out with Jeremy Hershberg, but he grew distant from her when she became a little more sexually aggressive and he moved on to Aimee Flores (who he also grew distant from before moving on to Florita Diaz).

She then moved on to Cinco Holland and started the infamous love triangle that also included Cashay. Cinco ended up breaking her heart when he wanted to go back to Cash, but he was booted and Trina and Cash were both alone.

Now Trina has a chance with Andre, although one wonders if his spark with Olivia will go away anytime soon.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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