Amy Poehler calls Below Deck ‘my reality show’ reveals she wants to be captain

Amy Poehler on the red carpet
Amy is a Below Deck fan. Pic credit: ©

Amy Poehler’s the latest Hollywood star to reveal their love of Below Deck.

In true comedic fashion, though, Amy did it with humor and a dream.

Despite not being a huge fan of reality TV in general, Amy has a soft spot for the hit-yachting show.

While promoting her new animated film, Inside Out 2, in which she voices Joy, Amy shared her hope for being on Below Deck one day.

Amy has no plans of being a charter guest, though, sitting around soaking up the sun and making demands.

Instead, she wants to be the top dog on the show

Amy Poehler calls Below Deck ‘my show’

Speaking with Cosmopolitan UK via video, Amy answered a slew of questions, one of which revealed her love of Below Deck. Amy was asked if she preferred drama or reality TV.

The Hollywood A-list admitted she’s all about hard-hitting drama more but one show on reality TV is her must see.

“I do love Below Deck,” she expressed. “That is my reality show that I watch.”

Amy explained it’s hard for her to watch reality TV because she gets embarrassed by people. However, the one reason she likes Below Deck more than other reality TV shows is because of the job.

“The reason why I like it is ’cause I like the job that everybody has to do. Like, I care about whether or not they turn the boat over. I want to watch them clean the bathrooms and stuff. That’s what I’m into,” the comedian dished.

Those shows where people just hang out or go to lunch are not for Amy, not all of them. In fact, she deems them as stressful.

Amy Poehler wants to be a Below Deck captain

Later, the actress was asked if she was to be on reality TV what kind of contestant she would be and that’s when she shared her desire to be a Below Deck captain.

“I would want to be the captain on Below Deck. It would be hard for me to not be the captain, but, again, I do not know how to drive a boat, so I feel like that would get in the way,” Amy shared.

“You wouldn’t know at first. I’d fake it for a couple of days, I think, but then I’d get fired.

Who knew Amy Poehler was a Below Deck fan?

Amy is in the company of celebrities who are fans of the show, including Seth Rogan, Christina Applegate, and Jennifer Lawrence.

There have been a few familiar faces on the Below Deck franchise, too, especially from the Bravoverse.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, RHONY alum Jill Zarin was the most recent reality star on Below Deck, but Below Deck Med will have a The Traitors alum appearing soon. More on that later!

Here’s hoping that someday we get to see Amy Poehler on Below Deck or at the very see her do a skit about it.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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