America’s Got Talent’s Kristy Sellars wants to change pole dancing’ stigma

Kristy Sellars on America's Got Talent
Kristy Sellars on America’s Got Talent. Pic credit: NBC

When Kristy Sellars appeared on America’s Got Talent, she got a terrible response from Simon Cowell.

She came out, and there were poles set up behind her.

Kristy then introduced herself and said she would do a pole dancing routine. Simon Cowell immediately drew his head back in an overly dramatic reaction.

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Before she started, Sofia Vergara said she could never do it because she isn’t athletic enough, and Simon then said it was pointless.

Simon was eating his words later.

Kristy Sellars redefined pole dancing

Kristy Sellars didn’t just do a dance with a pole and call it a night.

Instead, Kristy set up an entire routine that included an interactive video screen that lit up the stage behind her. It started with a night scene by a bus stop.

When she opened her briefcase, it switched to a black and white city scene, and as she danced, rising up and down the pole, and dancing around it, she interacted with the scene behind her.

When the screen flipped, she seemed to roll with it. When it fell, she fell with it. She was able to dance and change colors on the screen. It was one of the best dancing performances on the show by a solo performer.

This is all part of what Kristy has said is her way of changing the stigma that pole dancing has developed.

Kristy Sellars explains her goals for pole dancing

Kristy Sellars spoke to TMZ about her performance and touched on Simon’s reaction when she came out.

The good news for Kristy is that she didn’t see or notice Simon’s overreaction, so it never affected her. She said she was really nervous and was in the zone at the time.

In the interview, Kristy said that there has been a stigma attached to pole dancing, and it has been there for decades. That made Simon’s reaction when she said what she was going to do not surprising.

According to Kristy, the art of pole dancing is an amalgam of different art forms, including dancing and gymnastics. She also said it could be sexy, which is what most people think of when they hear about it.

Kristy also revealed that her appearance on America’s Got Talent has resulted in a surprising windfall of opportunities. She said she has had five different TV productions contact her, along with a theme park, festival, and some private events.

However, Kristy is focused right now on America’s Got Talent and the chance to start a new show in Las Vegas.

America’s Got Talent airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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