America’s Got Talent: Who are Jojo and Bri and where can you find them on Instagram

Jojo and Bri on America's Got Talent
Jojo and Bri on America’s Got Talent. Pic credit: NBC

America’s Got Talent is back with some great new audition episodes before the live rounds start in August.

The new round of talent includes singers, comedians, ventriloquists, magicians, instrumentalists, dance crews, and much more.

However, one of the most unique auditions this season came with a familiar face and a cute little girl.

Here is what you need to know about Jojo and Bri on America’s Got Talent.

Who are Jojo and Bri on America’s Got Talent?

When Jojo and Bri came out onto the stage, some fans might have recognized one of them. Jojo – real name Joseph B. Clarke – was part of the Season 15 singing trio called Resound.

In that group, Jojo was called Joseph and he sang with two women – Jessica and Mariah. They had known each other for years before joining forces. The three ended up moving all the way to the quarterfinals before their elimination in the Judges’ Choice round.

The tandem of Jojo and Bri is very different because Bri – real name Bri’Anna Harper – is Jojo’s younger niece.

Bri herself reached viral sensation level when a video of her singing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough hit the internet in 2020. This gave her the attention of people like Whoopi Goldberg and Kristen Bell. It also caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who invited Bri onto her show.

As for America’s Got Talent, Jojo and Bri came onto the stage and Simon recognized him. When asked what he took away from his last time on the show, Jojo said he learned not to give up. He said that he now can teach his niece never to give up as well.

Bri said her dream is to make the world smile and make it a better place. She said she would give the million dollars back to charity.

The two then sang Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. Their voices complemented each other so well and they had the audience on their feet.

“That to me was the definition of joy and magic,” Simon Cowell said after the performance. “This was – for me – one of my favorite auditions of the year so far.”

Jojo and Bri got four yes votes.

Where can you find Jojo and Bri on Instagram?

While Bri is still too young for social media, fans can follow Jojo on Instagram at @joseph.b.clarke. He has an impressive 126,000 Instagram followers and 185 posts as of this time.

In his bio, he reveals he lives in Atlanta, Georgia, is a CEO and head vocal coach, a “viral uncle & niece duo,” a former member of Resound, and a video producer and arranger.

A lot of his posts seem like they are repurposed TikTok videos, and that is possible because he is also on that social platform at @joseph.b.clarke as well.

America’s Got Talent airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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