American singles search for love overseas with the help of matchmakers in TLC’s new series Match Me Abroad

Susan and Harold Match Me Abroad
Susan and Harold are two cast members on TLC’s newest reality dating show. Pic credit: TLC

A new variety of dating shows is coming to TLC later this month.

Somewhat similar to the premise of 90 Day Fiance — in which cameras follow the lives of international couples who have 90 days to wed after receiving their K-1 visas — Match Me Abroad will feature hopeful Americans looking to find love overseas, but this time, with the help of matchmakers.

Seven singles will turn to professional marriage brokers hoping to be paired with an international partner after having no such luck in the U.S.

With the help of three expert matchmakers from across the globe — including Colombia, Morocco, and the Czech Republic — Stanika, Mark, Susan, Nathaly, Chad, Harold, and Michelle will be paired with who they hope will be their true loves.

One matchmaker, Katarina Nemcova, based in Prague, Czech Republic, will take on Harold and Michelle as her clients. Katarina has an 80 percent success rate in her position as a matchmaker and says in the show’s preview clip, “There is nothing that my heart burns for more than helping people find the right match.”

Matchmaker Juan Nino, based in Colombia, will help Susan, Nathaly, and Chad look for love abroad.

Three professional matchmakers will help the cast of Match Me Abroad look for love in Colombia, Morocco, and the Czech Republic

“As a matchmaker, the more challenging it is, the bigger the rewards,” Juan says of his role.

The third professional matchmaker, Nina Kharoufeh, is a native of Jersey but has shifted her focus to matching Arabs with Americans. Nina will work with Stanika and Mark to find love in Morocco.

Nina says the dating scene in America is “just broken” and believes that “people just need to see something different.”

Harold, 41, is a man from New Mexico living with Autism. The self-proclaimed “starving artist” admits that he struggles with knowing what women want since he has trouble picking up on social cues.

“I’ve read that Eastern European women, they’re very blunt and honest, and I really appreciate that,” Harold says in the preview clip.

Hopeful singles from across the U.S. will head overseas in search of their true loves

Michelle is a 34-year-old from North Carolina who wants to reconnect with her European heritage. A self-proclaimed “feminist princess,” Michelle has assigned her matchmaker, Katarina, with the task of finding her a man who challenges typical gender roles.

Susan is a 52-year-old New Yorker looking for a Latin lover in Colombia.

“Dating in the United States, that s**t makes me tired,” Susan admits. “My picker’s broken — have somebody pick for me.”

California native Nathaly will search for love in Colombia, leaving her conservative Sri Lankan mother behind. With the help of matchmaker Juan, 25-year-old Nathaly is “on the hunt for something new and exciting.”

Chad, a 38-year-old from Tennessee, is also looking for love in South America. Paired with Juan, Chad is hoping to find love again after three failed engagements.

Stanika has never had a boyfriend and hopes to find her first love in Morocco with Nina’s help. The 32-year-old Mississippi native says she’s “tired of being friend-zoned” and is “done with American men.”

You can meet the entire cast, read their bios, and see their cast photos here.

Match Me Abroad premieres on Sunday, May 14 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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