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American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest has a fun television goal for future

Ryan Seacrest from American idol
Ryan Seacrest from American idol. Pic credit: ©

When Ryan Seacrest came onto American Idol in Season 1, few people knew who he was.

In that first season, American Idol felt it was important to have two hosts because the hosts weren’t major stars. However, after the first season, Ryan took over as the solo host and never looked back.

Since that time, Ryan has become a major star.

On top of his American Idol duties, he had his own talk show and is now co-hosting a morning talk show, Live! With Kelly and Ryan.

However, Ryan still has another dream that he wants to fulfill on TV that he has yet to achieve.

Ryan Seacrest wants to star in a show about food

There are lots of TV shows about food, and Ryan Seacrest wants to be on one of his own.

Us Weekly reports that Ryan wants to not only star in, but produce his own show based on food.

“Ryan is looking to produce and star in his own show about food. He loves the Stanley Tucci series Searching for Italy and wants to do a show along those same lines,” a source told the site. “Fancies himself a Gordon Ramsey kinda guy.”

Since the source mentioned Stanley Tucci, this wouldn’t be a Rachel Ray show where Ryan is just making food or something similar.

Tucci stars in Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy, which has two seasons so far and airs on CNN. He travels around Italy, visiting each region and exploring their cultures, cuisine, and history.

However, they also name-checked Gordon Ramsey, and that is more of a competition type of series, which is more in line with Ryan’s other work.

Ryan Seacrest picking up after recent health scare

Ryan Seacrest promised he was going to step back and slow down after a health scare in 2020 that happened on American Idol where his face dropped and his speech slurred.

Ryan blamed it on exhaustion and too much work.

However, Ryan was back to work on his New Year’s Eve special and between American Idol this season and his daytime talk show duties.

With that said, he gave up his duties as a red carpet interviewer after 14 years, so if he wants to start a new show about food, he has possibly created the time and space to do so.

American Idol is on hiatus. The singing reality competition series will return to ABC in 2023.

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