American Idol: Who was eliminated in the drop to the top 11

Dan, Allegra, and Ava went home on American Idol
Dan, Allegra, and Ava went home on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

American Idol is getting into the deep part of the competition, where some excellent singers are headed home.

In the drop from the top 14 to the top 11, two singers who moved on via fan votes last week ended up eliminated this week, and while they were all talented singers, only the best of the best move on at this stage.

Here is who went home on Sunday night to drop the competition to the top 11.

Dan Marshall

Last week when the competition dropped from the top 24 to the top 14, Dan Marshall picked up fan votes and moved on.

He even had the support of Garth Brooks after Dan sang two different Garth songs in the competition (The Dance and Friends in Low Places).

While Dan was safe, Mike Parker was not voted on by fans and had to have the judges save him.

That all changed this week when the fans voting for country male performers switched their votes from Dan to Mike.

As a result, Mike Parker moved on to the top 11, and Dan Marshall went home.

Dan sang Kenny Chesney’s She’s Got It All, but the fans were not impressed enough to move him on.

Allegra Miles

Last week in the top 24 round, the fans didn’t vote for Allegra Miles, and the judges had to save her.

This week, she wanted to prove everyone wrong and came out to perform for her life, trying to win the fans over.

It didn’t work out for her.

Allegra picked out a great song for her vocal range, with Billie Eilish’s Ocean Eyes. By the end of the night, she missed out on the fan’s votes once again, and this time the judges couldn’t save her.

Ava Maybee

If there was any proof that the competition was getting fierce, it was the elimination of Ava Maybee this week.

The daughter of the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s drummer, Ava Maybee had picked up a pretty big fanbase in American Idol fandom, but it wasn’t enough to help her move on past the talented top 11 remaining singers.

Ava sang Harry Styles’ Sign of the Times and delivered a great performance, with Lionel Richie praising her song choice and delivery.

Sadly for Ava, it was time to say goodbye as the fans voted for their favorite 11, and she just missed the cut.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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