American Idol Red Wine Recap: Duets, Solos, and Ava August!

ava august duet with josh groban on american idol
American Idol contestant Ava August duets with singing sensation Josh Groban and holds her own. Pic credit: ABC

Well, Idol-Addicts, we are in the phase where America gets to vote, and I know who my vote is going for right now … um, can you say Ava August?! Wow. That duet had me captivated.

This week, we are going to break down the Idol duets round superlative style–noting only the most notables.

So, without further ado, let’s recap.

Best Duet of the Night: Ava August and Josh Groban

Now, I noted little Ava as a dark horse last week. It’s insane that this girl is only 15 years old. She has such poise and talent that, as Lionel put it, it’s going to be terrifying when she actually becomes “seasoned.”

From her top knot, to her simple dewey makeup, to her beautiful long dress paired with combat boots … this girl nailed it. Oh, and can we just talk about the chill-worthy duet with megastar Josh Groban? See it for yourself right here:

Most Surprising of the Night: Colin Jamieson and Tori Kelly

So I kinda counted this guy out. He’s a former boy-bander, but he managed to sneak his way in Top 24 with his Sugar We’re Going Down Swingin’ performance that melted Katy. Well, I’m glad they kept him around.

His duet with Tori Kelly was one of the more enjoyable ones to not only watch but listen to. I didn’t realize Colin had such a nice tone to him. And, as always, he actually has fun up on that stage, and it shows. It doesn’t hurt that he got to perform one of Tori’s catchiest tunes. Enjoy it right here:

Best Duet Partner of the Night: Jewel

This was a hard call. I mean OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder was a pretty amazing mentor to Cassandra Coleman (who still has the most ethereal voice ever, and you need to listen to her right here).

But, at the end of the day, sorry Brian McKnight and Kat McPhee, Jewel gets the “W.” I mean, did Jewel stop aging?! She looked amazing. She wore a killer hat, and her voice was as solid as ever.

Oh, and how cool is it that she wrote Foolish Games when she was only 16?! Enjoy her duet with Mary Jo Young, (who is in the running for Best Makeover of the season so far!) And I would be remiss if I didn’t point out how Tori Kelly was Madison Watkins’s duet partner (last week I said Madison had a Tori kind of vibe!) Must be something with the curly hair.

Most Likely to Go Home: Cecil Ray or Hannah Everhart

Someone has to go home and my bet is on Cecil Ray or Hannah Everhart to leave next Sunday. Unfortunately, Cecil was just a little too pitchy, and Hannah just couldn’t come through with the 1-2 punch.

They’re both extremely likable kids … I’m just afraid they aren’t in the same class as the likes of Ava August and Grace Kinstler (who, of course, batted 100 on her duet with soul-sister Joss Stone). Kudos to Grace for singing a song about loving her body for her solo round!

Coolest Eyepatch: Andrea Valles

Now I noted there was something vaguely cool about this girl last week, and, this time, she showed that off.

At first, I thought she was wearing her bedazzled eyepatch just because it looked kinda cool. It turns out, she recently underwent eye surgery, but she’s handling it all like a champ!

She incorporated some Spanish into her solo, and, I gotta say, it worked for me! Watch her duet with Brian McKnight and check out that eyepatch for yourself right here:

So those were the highlights (at least for me) guys. What were yours? Who do you think will go home? And who is your favorite?!

Til’ next week, my Idol-Addicts!

American Idol airs Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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