American Idol original judge hints he might return this season

American Idol's original judges
American Idol’s original judges. Pic credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube

On the 20th anniversary of American Idol, there have been some big surprises for fans.

Fan favorites from seasons past have returned as mentors, and there was even a singer auditioning this season whose mother auditioned many years ago.

However, the biggest surprise might still be to come.

One of the original judges might be returning for an appearance.

Randy Jackson hints he could show up on American Idol

When American Idol started, the three judges on the show were Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson.

Simon was the man who dished out all the insults and had no filter over what he said to the young singers. Paula was the sensitive one who tried to protect the singers and nurture them.

Randy was the one with the production experience who knew who could be big stars and who didn’t have what it took yet.

Simon has since moved on to America’s Got Talent, where he is much more relaxed and kind in his older years.

Paula left and never looked back after eight seasons.

Randy stayed on the show the longest, leaving after 12 seasons. He returned as a mentor in Season 13, but he hasn’t been back since the show rebooted on ABC.

He did have a video call in Season 19 when Paula Abdul replaced Luke Bryan for an episode when he contracted COVID-19.

Randy Jackson showed up on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan said he wanted to see Randy and that is when the former judge said, “I think I’m seeing you soon actually…maybe next Monday night.”

Ryan then said, “cat’s out of the bag.”

Next Monday is April 11, and that is the first night of the live American Idol telecasts. There was a promo for the episode by On Camera Audiences that said, “Live audience shows begin 4/11/22 with a special Idol celebration through the years with surprise cameos!”

It sounds like Randy Jackson will be back on American Idol on Monday night for a special appearance.

Randy Jackson has lost a lot of weight

When fans see Randy Jackson again, they might be in for a surprise.

Randy posted some photos on Instagram last December that had some fans worried that he was ill. He was much smaller and fans talked a lot about his weight.

However, there was no reason for concern. Randy Jackson has simply taken control of his healthy living and eating habits.

Randy posted a video last September about how he lost weight by dieting and that shedding the pounds had helped improve his health.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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