American Idol: Nadia Turner writes two new songs for daughter Zareh

Nadia Turner with Zareh Turner on American Idol
Nadia Turner with Zareh Turner on American Idol. Pic credit: American Idol/YouTube

This week on American Idol, fans will meet Zareh Turner as she wins over the judges and moves on to Hollywood.

What will be most interesting to fans is that Zareh Turner is the daughter of Nadia Turner, a singer who came in eighth place in American Idol Season 4, the season Carrie Underwood won the show.

Nadia was with her daughter at the audition in Los Angeles, and it turns out she has been instrumental in her daughter’s singing career.

Nadia Turner writes two songs for daughter Zareh Turner

For those who don’t know, American Idol pre-tapes its auditions.

The auditions that fans have been watching have been taping since early in 2022.

Nadia Turner did not know her daughter was auditioning, and Zareh surprised her by blindfolding her and taking her to what she thought was a mother-daughter spa day.

They arrived at the audition and Zareh blew the judges away and moved on to Hollywood for the next round.

Nadia announced on Friday that she had released two songs co-written with her creative partner, Nur Nur Cummings, on Spotify that were written for her daughter Zareh.

The songs are I’m Not Ready for Love and You Do Something to Me. You can hear both songs by clicking on the links to hear them on Spotify.

I’m Not Ready For Love is about a young woman who is struggling with a relationship, wondering if it is serious or not.

“I imagined what a woman her age might go through if she was in a casual relationship and the boyfriend asked her to marry him,” Nadia said.

You Do Something to Me is what Nadia describes as a “vibe.”

“I think there’s room for people to have different interpretations of what this song is about,” Nadia said. “It is an incredibly special song to me and my creative partner Nur Nur Cummings. In writing for Zaréh, we grew stronger as a writing team, and did our best to help develop Zaréh as an artist.”

Who is Nadia Turner from American Idol?

Nadia Turner competed on Season 4 of American Idol and finished in eighth place in the competition.

Before this, she was previously a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. She also performed at the 26th G8 summit in Japan.

After American Idol, she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and was a guest host on The View in 2006.

Nadia has a live-roots, rock album, N², currently available on all streaming platforms.

American Idol airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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