Amber Portwood’s brother dishes on her legal and money trouble

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood’s brother claims she bailed herself out. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood is trying to move on from her legal drama that played out over the summer.

Amber hasn’t said much about the situation on social media, mostly because her lawyer might have asked her not to speak out until the case is settled.

In the meantime, Andrew Glennon, Dr. Drew, and leaked audio have told the story for her. And now, her brother is using social media to speak out about his sister’s arrest.

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He claims Amber herself paid to get herself out of jail after her arrest, but she had someone else handle the paperwork.

Shawn Portwood claims that there’s nothing strange about the story. In fact, for him, it makes perfect sense.

He claims that Amber is the one who paid to get out of prison. However, it was her mother who went to the local jail to get her out. He also claims that Andrew put the money back in Amber’s account after he supposedly stole it to bail her out.

Shawn also questions who Rhonda is.

A woman named Rhonda Russell claims she bailed out Amber, and she wants her money back from the reality star. It was The Ashley that reported that Rhonda wanted the $2,000 back that she had supposedly used to get Amber out.

However, Shawn doesn’t know who this Rhonda is.

He seems convinced that Amber would never ask someone named Rhonda to bail her out of jail when she has the money available to her. He claims that Rhonda’s story isn’t true, because Amber had the money and paid to get herself out of jail.

Amber Portwood may tell more of her story when Teen Mom OG returns. As of right now, MTV might still be filming her story for the upcoming season.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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