Amber is looking for models and Maci & Mackenzie talk men on Teen Mom OG

Maci and Mackenzie do lunch
Amber and the models on Teen Mom OG

This week on Teen Mom OG, Maci and Mackenzie meet up for some lunch and Amber is planning a fashion show.

Amber is looking to host a fashion show to promote her online boutique and she is in need of some models. She holds an audition where a variety of girls try to catch her eye and land the gig.

All shapes and sizes and backgrounds required
All shapes and sizes and backgrounds required

Amber is looking for a wide selection of women in all sizes, so they can accurately model her clothes and show her customers what the clothes might looks like on a real woman, rather than some unobtainable figure.

Maci and Mackenzie get together for a chat where they talk about going through pregnancy so young, being engaged and the difficulty of kids growing up with parents who are no longer together.

Maci and Mackenzie do lunch
Maci and Mackenzie do lunch

Also on this episode, Catelynn and Tyler finally agree to disagree over their different parenting methods.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9:00 PM on MTV.

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