Alaskan Bush People star calls out Internet troll who mocked Billy Brown

Billy Brown on Alaskan Bush People
Billy Brown on Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: Discovery

Billy Brown’s death played out this season on Alaskan Bush People, and while many fans mourned along with the family, others trolled the Brown family.

One person came onto social media and mocked both Billy Brown after the episode that showed his death and then went on to mock the death of the Brown’s dog Mr. Cupcake.

Bear Brown wouldn’t stand for it.

Bear Brown puts troll on notice

Bear Brown took to Instagram and put an Instagram user on notice for supposedly trolling the death of his father and the family dog.

On his Instagram account, which was set to private after making the post, Bear lashed out at the fan (via The Sun).

“This is one that did an interview with my dad and he was so nice! Then he turned around and mocked his seizures!!! Two faced snake!!!” Bear wrote, tagging the man’s Instagram account.

“Sick people should not be made fun of! Dying people should not be made fun of, dead people should not be made fun of! Stop the injustice!!!”

This was in reference to a blogger who Bear claimed to “mock and make fun of and to laugh at sick people.”

While it seemed that Bear got everything off his chest, this had a secondary effect. Fans of Alaskan Bush People began going to the blogger’s Instagram account and started tearing into him.

Bear asks Alaskan Bush People fans not to bully the troll

The blogger has since set all his posts (the last of which was back on November 2) to limited and cleaned a lot of it up, but Bear Brown noticed that Alaskan Bush People fans had started bullying him for his comments.

While Bear was angry at the comments that the blogger made, he wouldn’t stand for people actively bullying him.

“Please leave it be I appreciate the support more than you know!,” Bear wrote on Instagram (also via The Sun).

“But the problem has hopefully been resolved and bullying is what I stand against not for, the only thing I asked anyone to do was report him not harass or bully. My apologies if I did not make that clear enough in my post! Thank you everyone!”

Billy Brown died in February after suffering a seizure. He was 68. Alaskan Bush People played out the family’s response to his death this month on the series.

Alaskan Buch People airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on Discovery.

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