Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown’s health improving after months of treatment

Ami Brown on the Alaskan Bush People Christmas special
Ami Brown after receiving her good news on the Alaskan Bush People Christmas special

Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown’s health is improving following months of treatment, it was revealed last night.

The star had previously been diagnosed with lung cancer which had reached “at least” stage 3b. But after two gruelling rounds of treatment, husband Billy said her lungs were “clear”.

The hugely positive news was revealed in the Alaskan Bush People Christmas special, as cameras followed Ami while she attended a check-up at the UCLA Medical Center.

Billy said after receiving an update from her specialist: “Her lungs are clear. She’s still weak and she has a cough and all that, but if you look inside her eyes that’s the best part because Ami’s back. She’s inside there, and she wasn’t for a while.”

Medical oncologist Dr. Deborah Wong told Ami: “It sounds like you bounced back really well.” She added: “We don’t know what the future will hold. It’s kind of out of our hands, but there’s every single reason to be hopeful and absolutely optimistic.

“You were pretty sick, but you got through it. I think that’s a testament to, you know, the strength of your will but also the strength and resolve of your entire family.”

Ami earlier told Dr. Wong how she had suffered few side effects from the chemotherapy she had received, and that her appetite had been good.

During her check-up, Ami’s weight was revealed to have risen to 102.2lbs, after dropping to as low as 89.4 lbs in August.

Billy told how her treatment had started on June 24 and that she had undergone radiation therapy and chemotherapy until September, before doctors gave Ami a break before starting again.

He said: “She’s fought this really hard, and she seems to be doing ok — she really does.” He added: “We made some of our hardest decisions this year, but my faith in Ami and, you know, God through her…that keeps you strong.”

After receiving the news about her cancer from Dr. Wong, Ami said: “Thank God.” Billy added:  “That’s fantastic.”

He said in an interview with producers: “It’s been a hard road, but to know it’s been worth it, to know it’s better than it was no matter what it may be, makes it very good. I’m extremely thankful to the good Lord.”

Dr Wong told Ami the next stage was “getting your strength back and getting back to normal”.

Billy and Ami were joined at the check-up by son Gabe, who Billy said had been a lot more reserved over the past few months following Ami’s diagnosis.

The episode also saw the rest of the family surprise Ami with a festive meal.

The Browns have been living in California since the summer so Ami could undergo treatment, after moving there from their Alaskan “Browntown” homestead. They later plan to move to Colorado.

Billy said: “We’ve been in California for so long and up until recently we haven’t even been able to look out to see if there’s a road going out of here or not, but now it’s a new beginning. We didn’t close the book. We just closed the chapter and opened the next one.”

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