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Aladin Jallali spilled even more tea on Laura during Instagram Live with John Yates

Aladin Jallali on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way
Aladin has been sharing all the details about why his marriage didn’t last. Pic credit: TLC

After the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Couples Tell All, Aladin Jallali still had quite a bit to get off his chest. On Thursday, he did just that, uploading several slideshow videos to Instagram, breaking down all the reasons that he and Laura Jallai are no longer together.

Soon after, 90 Day blogger John Yates went live on Instagram and read the slides out loud and hosted a bit of a discussion about what happened during this season of the TLC spinoff.

Then, John and Aladin teamed up to give 90 Day Fiance fans a real treat. Just hours after Aladin’s “second Tell All” was shared, he went live with John Yates and spilled even more tea, and just like the last, it was piping hot.

John and Aladin chatted for a long time about why his marriage to Laura went downhill so fast. And he didn’t just stick to the slides that were shared previously. He shared a few new scoops too.

For starters, Aladin cleared up any confusion about why Laura was leaving the house and taking off without him. On The Other Way, it was said that she went to get coffee, but Aladin said she wasn’t disappearing to get a caffeine fix.

Instead, he said he’d find her drinking in hotels and bars by herself.

Aladin Jallali has been accused by many, including Laura, of using her as a ticket to get to the U.S.

However, we already know that she’s Canadian and doesn’t have a green card. That said, Aladin also claimed that Laura might have lied to production, claiming that she did have one.

He also said that Laura asked him to lie and tell them she had one if production asked. So when they did, he claims to have told them he didn’t know.

He also put Laura on blast, accusing her of taking his phone and blocking the “thirsty women” who dared to pay him a compliment on social media.

Another shocker revealed by Aladin is that he was giving money to Laura to give to Liam, not knowing that he was being paid to show up to their wedding.

Aladin even said that he thought Liam was coming to support them but that he doesn’t think Laura’s son would have bothered if not for the money he said that Liam received.

When it comes to watching the show, Aladin said that 90 Day Fiance does not broadcast in Qatar, and he has not seen the entire show or the Tell All. What he has seen are just clips that have been sent to him by people that he knows.

There’s a lot of information in the conversation between John Yates and Aladin Jallali, and it’s worth a listen, even though it’s very long. So far, Laura has been silent following Aladin’s recent revelations about their time on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

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