Actor Justin Long reveals he can’t stand Tino Franco on The Bachelorette

Tino Franco
Tino Franco is not liked by a famous actor. Pic credit: @tino.360/Instagram

Bachelor Nation has been pretty vocal about Tino Franco’s behavior on this season of The Bachelorette, especially lately.

However, it’s not only alums who have commented on Tino’s red flags throughout his time with Rachel Recchia, but one specific celebrity let viewers know he was not Team Tino.

Justin Long, most notable for his appearances on Dodgeball and Jeepers Creepers, as well as the voice of Alvin in the Alvin and the Chipmunks film series, has made it known that he cannot stand Tino.

As he made an appearance on the Chicks in the Office podcast, Justin first discussed how he believes these contestants are so worried about how the public perceives them.

After discussing Gabby Windey and Jason Alabaster’s relationship, Justin went on to state that he could not believe Tino is still in the running for Rachel’s final rose.

Throughout the discussion that Justin had with the co-hosts, he kept reiterating over and over how shocked he was that Tino was still there and that Rachel could very much end up with him in the end.

Actor Justin Long talks about disliking Tino Franco

Justin claimed while on the podcast, “I can’t imagine Tino making it through another week without doing something wild and dark and just revealing himself.”

He truly believes that Tino has been putting on this persona that is not really who he is and how he acts in the real world; he cannot believe that Rachel has not been able to see through this façade.

Even more astonishing to Justin was how Tino reacted to Rachel saying his parents hated her after viewers watched how hostile and rude they were to Rachel.

He also was furious about how Tino disregarded Rachel’s feelings and thoughts about the whole hometown situation and basically downgraded how his parents treated her.

Justin went on to make fun of how Tino looked and said “I love you” to Rachel, and Justin was not buying Tino’s sincerity one bit.

Bachelor viewers agreed with Justin Long

So many fans agreed with what Justin had to say about Tino and his relationship with Rachel.

One user laughed as they wrote, “He said ‘he’s just not that into you’ if you know.. you know!”

Two others stated, “everything Justin said was facts lmaoo love that guy,” while another claimed, “Justin’s analysis is spot on haha I love it.”

Another viewer agreed that Tino came with some red flags as that person declared, “Picking Tino when the red flags are so CLEARLY there. Smh. Should of picked Zach.”

While another fan was on board with the fact that Tino was exuding red flag behavior, they also stated they believed Zach was too good for Rachel. In response to that, the first viewer wrote, “TRUE.”

Bachelor viewers weigh in on what Justin Long said about Tino Franco.
Pic credit: @Chicks in the Office/YouTube

Whether or not Rachel chooses Tino is yet to be determined, but the two-part season finale begins tonight, September 13, and concludes next Tuesday, September 20.

Viewers will then know who both Rachel and Gabby end up with and whether the couples are still together or not.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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