Aaron Clancy throws shade at Ivan Hall, moments after Ivan calls him ‘the worst’

Aaron Clancy accuses Ivan of being a liar. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 saw Aaron Clancy having beef with castmates at every turn, including Tammy Ly and his mortal enemy Thomas Jacobs. 

Despite Bachelor in Paradise coming to an end, Aaron appears to still have a feud with Ivan Hall after they nearly came to blows on the beach. 

Ivan recently made some scathing comments about Aaron being “the worst person on the show” by far, and Aaron took to social media to clap back. 

Aaron Clancy and Brendan Quinn fire shots at Ivan Hall 

While Aaron hung out with former The Bachelorette Season 17 contestant Brendan Quinn, he filmed a video sarcastically calling out Ivan Hall. 

In the video, Aaron facetiously asked Brendan, “Hey Brendan, quick question. If someone is caught lying red-handed, do you think the best way to fix that is more lies potentially?”

The video then turns to Brendan who answers, “That’s actually unfactual, Aaron Clancy”

Aaron then responds saying, “Unfactual. So what you’re saying is they should maybe just say nothing at all?”

Brendan uses Aaron’s signature catchphrase when he says, “That’s facts” and Aaron repeats “Facts.”

It appears Aaron is underhandedly suggesting that Ivan’s comments on The Viall Files podcast were not rooted in truth. 

Ivan Hall condemns Aaron’s behavior on Bachelor in Paradise 

During The Viall Files podcast, Ivan addressed his beef with Aaron and stood by the fact that he did not lie when he said Chelsea wanted to talk to him leading up to the final rose ceremony. 

Ivan also suggested that he kissed Chelsea because Chelsea had stated that she wondered what it would be like to kiss him. 

Ivan’s most condemning statements included accusing Aaron of threatening physical violence and talking trash behind the scenes to both Ivan and Thomas as well as other guys. 

Ivan says he was very angered by Aaron’s aggressive behavior on the show, and along with calling Aaron the worst person on the show, Ivan also suggested Aaron needs to grow up.

Clearly, Aaron didn’t take too kindly to Ivan’s comments and his video accuses Ivan of trying to backtrack in the interview after being caught in a series of lies. 

While Ivan does not feel like he lied in the Chelsea situation, Ivan did admit that he was deceptively mischievous when sneaking out of his hotel room to meet up with Alexa Caves.

Time will tell if Aaron and Ivan squash their beef or if their feud only continues to grow. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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