Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi clear up rumors after sitting together at The Bachelor finale  

Genevieve Parisi
Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi were spotted together at The Bachelor Season 26 finale. Pic credit: ABC

Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi caught viewers’ attention during The Bachelor Season 26 finale. 

After Shanae Ankney spread rumors about an intimate exchange between Aaron and Genevieve, the two sat next to one another in the audience for the finale, leaving fans curious if the rumors were true. 

However, before the rumors could get too out of hand, Aaron and Genevieve explained how they ended up next to one another during the show. 

Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi shut down rumors 

Genevieve took some videos with Aaron and James Bonsall at The Bachelor finale and shared them on her Instagram stories. 

In one clip, Genevieve, Aaron, and James agreed that the finale was ‘“a little too heavy for us.” 

Genevieve Parisi’s Instagram story
Pic credit: @genparisi/Instagram

Fans were intrigued after seeing Genevieve and Aaron together, and Genevieve shared some of their tweets to her Instagram story. 

One tweet read, “Genevieve bringing Aaron to the Live Finale is so messy I love it.” 

Another viewer tweeted, “I think the BEST part of Live Show is Aaron bought Genevieve AND James.” 

While people appeared to think Genevieve and Aaron came to the finale together, the Bachelor Nation stars revealed that wasn’t the case. 

Genevieve shared a video of Aaron beckoning viewers not to read into the two’s seating at the finale because they were assigned their seats. 

Genevieve confirmed by writing, “He said what he said” and adding, “No one brought anyone. Seating was assigned people!” 

Genevieve Parisi’s Instagram story
Pic credit: @genparisi/Instagram

What did Shanae Ankney say about Genevieve and Aaron? 

Interestingly, Shanae Ankney was also in attendance at The Bachelor Season 26 finale. 

However, Shanae was not assigned to sit near Genevieve and Aaron and instead was placed next to fellow controversial Bachelor Nation star Demi Burnett. 

While neither Shanae nor Genevieve took the hot seat during The Bachelor finale, they shared the stage during the messy Women Tell All.

During their time on the couch together, Shanae suggested that Genevieve was insincere in her love for Clayton.

Shanae expressed that she was heartbroken when she was sent home and could hardly eat, but when Genevieve was sent home, she allegedly met up with Aaron Clancy and slept with him. 

Genevieve was shocked and appalled by Shanae’s claim and adamantly declared that it was untrue and that she and Aaron didn’t even kiss when they met. 

Aaron Clancy also weighed in and dismissed Shanae’s rumor, so it seems there’s nothing romantic between the two. 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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