90 Day: The Single Life viewers slam Caesar Mack for dating two women at once

Caesar Mack of 90 Day Fiance IG selfie
Caesar has two love interests from Ukraine. Pic credit: @caesar_mack/Instagram

90 Day: The Single Life viewers aren’t impressed with the fact that Caesar Mack is dating two women at the same time.

During Part 2 of the Tell All, Caesar admitted to host Shaun Robinson and the rest of the cast that he’s currently romantically involved with two Ukrainian women, Stella and Katrina.

Caesar divulged that once Stella and Katrina come to the United States, they’ll probably get pregnant and they’ll all “have kids together as a family.”

Caesar tried to convince his castmates that his girlfriends were interested in a polygamous relationship in the U.S. because Ukrainian men “treat them wrong,” whereas he can treat them like “real” women.

Following the show on Monday night, viewers headed over to Twitter where many of them expressed their disgust with Caesar’s relationship status.

One disgruntled viewer sided with Natalie – who slammed Caesar for taking advantage of women from her home country – and tweeted, “I’m with Natalie 100%. Caesar is disgusting.”

90 Day: The Single Life viewers think Caesar Mack is ‘disgusting’ for dating two women at once

Another fan of the show called Caesar “pathetic” and felt his father must be embarrassed by his son’s relationship choices.

90 day: the single life viewers bash caesar mack for dating two girls at once on twitter
Pic credit: @BigBBfan1/@Basura_Blanco_/@dragonflygrrl46/@winegal96/@DanielleLoftin2/Twitter

Calling Caesar a “hot mess,” another critic felt he was looking to get himself a spinoff or join the cast of Seeking Sister Wife, another TLC reality show that focuses on polygamous couples looking to add more wives to their plural marriages.

“It’s legit. Everyone thinks Caesar lost his mind,” read another tweet, while another one of his critics felt his dating two women was “Nasty!”

Caesar headed back to Ukraine to find love after failed relationship with Maria

This season on 90 Day: The Single Life, Caesar headed back to Ukraine to find love after his years-long relationship with Maria finally came to an end. Caesar used a matchmaker service where he met several women he was interested in.

Alona was Caesar’s ultimate choice, but during the Tell All, he revealed that she wanted to stay in Ukraine to be near her father after the war with Russia broke out.

Caesar’s plans for his girlfriends include sending them to school while he continues his job as a nail technician and financially supporting them both — since they won’t be able to work when they arrive in the U.S.

Of all the castmates on stage, Ukrainian native Natalie Mordovtseva was the most outspoken about Caesar’s love life, as she felt as though Caesar was insulting her country. Natalie, as well as Debbie Johnson, sided with viewers and called Caesar “disgusting” after he disclosed that he intended for himself and his girlfriends to sleep together in his king-sized bed.

Part 3 of the 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All airs on Monday, December 12 at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.