90 Day: The Single Life viewers find it odd that Big Ed and Liz got rose tattoos since his ex-girlfriend’s name is Rose

Liz, Rose, and Big Ed
90 Day: The Single Life viewers think Big Ed and Liz’s rose tattoos are strange. Pic credit: TLC

Big Ed and Liz’s recent matching tattoos of a blue rose are being scrutinized by 90 Day: The Single Life viewers because Big Ed’s ex-girlfriend from Season 4 of Before the 90 Days is named Rosemarie, most often referred to as Rose.

90 Day critics drew attention to the ironic and strange tattoo decision on Instagram and bashed the couple, calling the design “stupid” and a “weird tattoo choice.”

90 Day: The Single Life critics find it ‘stupid’ that Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods got rose tattoos

Big Ed and Liz’s rose tattoos are being roasted by 90 Day: The Single Life viewers since Rose is the name of Big Ed’s ex-girlfriend.

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On Instagram, a popular 90 Day fan page made a post bashing the decision and bringing their perception of Rose’s reaction.

They used a short clip of Rose’s face looking grimacingly and added a banner that said, “Rose’s reaction when she sees that her ex and his new fiance got tattoos of a rose…”

In the caption, @90dayboomboom wrote, “Hey hunny my ex was named Rose so how about we get Rose tattoos?? Liz is so stupid!”

The comments section featured other critics who were baffled by the strange tattoos.

One person remarked, “I thought that was a weird tattoo choice for them too lol.”

While another onlooker said, “Rose way past that I’m thinking & WAY too good for “big Ed!” . Psh! Wishing Ed & Liz luck, they’re gonna need it!”

Someone else couldn’t believe they did that, and another viewer exclaimed, “Ed and Liz will do anything for attention! However the rose tattoos are beyond stupid! Hopefully they both think of Rose every time they see them!”

IG comments about Big Ed, Liz, and Rose
Pic credit: @90dayboomboom/Instagram

Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods are engaged present-day

Big Ed and Liz are currently engaged and recently did a photoshoot to celebrate the occasion, which was shared across social media.

Viewers watching 90 Day: The Single Life this season will be watching knowing the big spoiler is hanging over all his scenes dating other people.

Big Ed and Liz’s relationship faces a lot of scrutiny from both each other and the public. The extreme level of toxicity present in their relationship was apparent in a leaked phone call between Big Ed and Liz.

Big Ed admitted to breaking up with Liz eight times throughout their relationship via text message.

Liz also supported the petition to cancel Big Ed off the TLC network amid allegations of sexual assault against him when they were broken up.

New episodes of 90 Day: The Single Life are available to stream Sundays on Discovery+.

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