90 Day: The Single Life star Jeniffer Tarazona threatens to block people for negative comments

Jeniffer Tarazona
Jeniffer Tarazona went on the offensive against haters who leave negative comments on her social media and said she will block people. Pic credit: TLC

It looks like Jeniffer has not been receiving all positive reinforcement from 90 Day: The Single Life viewers and threatened to block critics who write negative comments on her posts.

Jeniffer’s budding relationship with Jesse Meester has been highlighted in Season 2 of The Single Life and they both have a lot of haters who don’t like their behavior and attitudes on the show.

Many viewers find them to be insufferable, gross, and narcissistic and those viewpoints tend to make their way onto social media which apparently bothers Jeniffer.

Aside from comments about her and Jesse, Jeniffer warned The Single Life critics not to talk about her daughter or her family either.

With The Single Life Tell All coming this week, Jeniffer may be trying to prepare her social media for an influx of opinions.

Jeniffer Tarazona threatened to block haters who drop unfavorable comments

Jeniffer used her Instagram stories to blast haters who leave negative comments on her social media.

She wrote, “In my profile there is no room for negativity, my real life is paralel [sic] from The manipulated projection that you watch in your screen.”

She finished her post by saying, “All negativisme towards my couple, my daughter, family, or myself has [zero] tolerance here and Will be blocked. Good day!”

Screenshot from Jeniffer Tarazona's IG Stories.
Jeniffer put her haters on blast. Pic credit: @jeniffer_tarazona/Instagram

Did Jeniffer Tarazona ever have sex with her ex-lover Cacua?

A lot of The Single Life viewers have been wondering if Jeniffer and her ex Cacua ever went all the way. At first, Cacua bragged about how great Jeniffer was when they had sex but later said they never went all the way when confronted by Jesse.

Jeniffer played coy when asked if they had ever had sex and claimed that Cacua said they had merely to brag. The intensity of Cacua’s feelings for Jeniffer coupled with their murky responses gives pause to what the truth actually is.

If history is any indicator, Jeniffer got angry when Tim Malcolm wouldn’t have sex with her right away and she also shared concern that Jesse would take things too slow before having sex the first night they met in person. So is it realistic to think that Jeniffer didn’t have sex with Cacua given the pace she seemingly likes to operate with?

90 Day: The Single Life is available to stream Fridays on Discovery+.

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