90 Day: The Single Life spoiler: Veronica Rodriguez debuts her mystery man

Veronica IG selfie
Veronica revealed her new boyfriend during Part 3 of the Tell All. Pic credit: @vepyrod/Instagram

After weeks of speculation about her rumored boyfriend, 90 Day: The Single Life star Veronica Rodriguez debuted her mystery man during Part 3 of the Tell All.

The rumor mill has been rife with 90 Day Fiance fans’ opinions on who Veronica could be dating after the Single Life Tell All teased a look at her new man.

Some eagle-eyed 90 Day Fiance fans did online detective work, and many surmised that Veronica is dating the son of another 90 Day Fiance cast member, Kim Menzies.

Now, during Part 3 of the Tell All, viewers will get a look at Veronica’s mystery man.

Veronica dishes to host Shaun Robinson before debuting her new man, “You know, it’s very new. It’s somebody that I met kind of casually, and I didn’t expect it to go anywhere, but we just really, really hit it off.”

Veronica describes her mystery man as “very sweet” and “incredibly handsome” and notes their relationship is long-distance before he makes his debut.

90 Day: The Single Life spoiler: Veronica Rodriguez’s mystery man is revealed

Shaun reveals the man’s identity and confirms that 90 Day Fiance sleuths were right when she announces, “Please welcome Kim [Menzie’s] son, Jamal!”

When Jamal enters the stage, he hugs Veronica and introduces himself to her ex, Tim Malcolm, before seating himself across the room. However, Jamal asks Tim to switch seats with him so he can be next to Veronica for their segment, and Tim obliges.

Veronica explains how she and Jamal met — she tells Shaun that she first saw him on the Tell All from Kim’s season and reached out to him. She was headed on a trip to San Diego, and since he used to live there, she asked Jamal for recommendations on what to see while in the area.

Jamal, who is 10 years Veronica’s junior, revealed that he would be in town during her visit and invited her to dinner, and she accepted. Although Jamal makes his big reveal as Veronica’s new man, she reveals that they aren’t in an exclusive relationship and are dating other people.

This doesn’t sit well with Veronica’s ex-fiance and BFF, Tim, who feels Jamal is using Veronica, but she claims she’s the one who suggested they keep things casual and is happy just having fun for the moment.

90 Day Fiance fans speculated Veronica is dating a cast member’s son

90 Day Fiance fans first speculated that Jamal was the boyfriend in question after noticing his jewelry matched that of the previews of the mystery man backstage ahead of his reveal. Further fueling the rumor mill, Veronica and Jamal each shared pics on their Instagrams in front of the same floral wall backdrop and follow each other on Instagram.

The discovery that Veronica and Jamal are dating now begs the question: do Veronica and Jamal have what it takes to last, or is their romance just a fling?

Part 3 of the 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All airs on Monday, December 12 at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.