90 Day: The Single Life: Debbie Johnson tells Liz not to marry Big Ed, says he doesn’t love her

90 Day:The Single Life star Debbie Johnson warns Liz Woods not to marry Big Ed Brown
Debbie Johnson blasts Big Ed Brown. Pic credit: Discovery+

The 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All is getting spicy, with the cast vocalizing that they don’t support Liz Woods marrying Big Ed Brown. The most vocal person on the stage was Debbie Johnson, who urged the 28-year-old not to marry her fiance because he doesn’t love her.

The season has certainly been a rollercoaster for Ed and Liz, who were broken up initially. Big Ed attempted to date other women, but by season’s end, he and Liz had not only reconciled but were engaged.

However, their castmates are not convinced that Big Ed loves Liz.

Debbie Johnson tells Liz Woods not to marry Big Ed Brown

Things got heated during the 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All when Liz Woods and Big Ed discussed their relationship. Big Ed revealed that when he broke up with Liz, it was his friends who urged him to do it and sometimes told him what to say.

He also revealed that one of his guy friends even wrote the breakup messages on his behalf.

“Them telling me that ‘she’s wrong for you; she shouldn’t be in your life here’s what you need to say…’ and sometimes I would ask for him to write it,” revealed Big Ed. “Because (of) my grammar, I’m not that smart.”

The outrageous confession did not sit well with the cast who called him out, and Debbie Johnson had a lot to say about it.

“Oh my God! Promise me don’t marry him for a while–at least don’t marry him,” said Debbie. “Liz, you gotta wake up.”

Debbie is not the only one who doesn’t want the pair to tie the knot. Big Ed’s mom and his daughter Tiffany don’t approve of their engagement either.

Debbie Johnson says Big Ed is ‘desperate’ and doesn’t love Liz Woods

Debbie Johnson did not hold back her feelings about Liz and Big Ed’s relationship during the 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All.

After urging Liz not to marry the 56-year-old, she also had some words for him.

“You’re not in love with her. You’re using her,” said Debbie. “You are desperate. You’re desperate! Everybody knows that.”

Host Shaun Robinson chimed in and asked, “You don’t think he’s in love with Liz?”

“Oh hell no,” responded Debbie.

As Big Ed tried to defend himself, Debbie retorted, “You don’t love anybody except yourself.”

Stephanie Matto, who was sitting quietly throughout the exchange, seemed to agree that the couple’s relationship is not genuine.

“I think Ed f***ed up, and he was blasted all over the internet for it,” said Stephanie. “He came back crying, and he gave her the biggest gift he could think of, and that is an engagement, and that’s how he got her back.”

“It’s basically a bribe,” added Stephanie.

90 Day: The Single Life is streaming now on Discovery+.

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