90 Day: The Single Life: Big Ed says his family wants Liz Woods to sign a prenup

90 Day: The Single Life Big Ed and Liz Woods pose together
90 Day: The Single Life Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods. Pic credit: Discovery+

Part 1 of the 90 Day: The Single Life tell all special just premiered, and it was full of drama, arguments, and revealing secrets.

Veteran cast member Big Ed appeared with his new fiancee Liz Woods to share the details about their rocky relationship and questionable engagement.

During their segment, he revealed that his mother, Norma, and daughter, Tiffany, suggested he make Liz sign a prenuptial agreement. Some cast members on set agreed this would be a wise decision, but Big Ed immediately shot down the idea.

Big Ed said he believes prenups just set couples up for divorce, and he did not believe in that. Liz replied that she didn’t have an issue and was willing to sign one. She insisted that Ed refuses to draft the papers, but she is not discouraging him from doing so.

Liz defends herself against the 90 Day: The Single Life cast

Once their segment was completed, Liz and Big Ed returned backstage. While walking by, Liz overheard Stephanie Matto and Natalie Mordovtseva talking about her. Natalie claimed she didn’t see anything wrong with a prenup because it’s just about protecting yourself in a relationship and thinks the couple should go through with it.

She went on to say that right now Big Ed is popular and has more money than Liz, so a prenup would be a good thing. Liz then interrupted the conversation and defended her relationship repeating that she does not have a problem with a prenup. She also stood up for herself saying she’s not using Big Ed and is in the relationship for the right reasons.

Other cast members also took the liberty of expressing their concerns and stated they are not convinced the couple is together strictly because of love. Debbie Johnson shared her thoughts saying she believes Big Ed is just desperate and doesn’t really love Liz.

A friend of Big Ed, Rich, who joined the Tell All virtually, also agreed with the cast. He stated that he felt Big Ed was just desperate for this relationship to last because it’s the first serious one he’s had since his divorce. Liz and Big Ed both refuted his comments saying he was completely wrong.

Big Ed is accused of choosing Liz over his family

Rich also took the time to defend Big Ed’s mother, Norma, who refused to appear on the show. He said one reason she likely encouraged a prenup was because the family felt Big Ed neglected them and chose to prioritize Liz.

He goes one to say they didn’t tell anyone they were engaged, or even back together, and it hurt the family. When Liz said they kept their engagement a secret so they could just enjoy the time together, Rich suggested that was not a smart idea.

Rich concluded his time by saying he believes the couple deserves to be with one another because they are both selfish and insecure. When asked about the status of their friendship at this point, neither Big Ed or Rich had a response.

90 Day: The Single Life is streaming now on Discovery+

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