90 Day Fiance: Yara Zaya admits she’s ‘very scared’ for her country, says her family is in a ‘safe place’

Yara Zaya of 90 Day Fiance shares what's happening in her home country, Ukraine.
90 Day Fiance star, Yara Zaya shares her thoughts on what’s happening in Ukraine. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star, Yara Zaya, is using her platform to bring awareness to the invasion happening in her homeland, Ukraine.

Yara, who has always been proud to represent where she was born and raised, has expressed her emotions about the current state of the country and wants to bring awareness to those who may not understand what’s going on.

In recent days, she has become vocal about sharing the details of what’s happening in Ukraine, saying that while she is scared, she also just wants to help and provide information for others who also want to help.

90 Day Fiance alum Yara Zaya shares updates on what’s happening in Ukraine

While she is living in Louisiana with her husband, Jovi, and their daughter, all of Yara’s family continues to live in Ukraine. Since the invasion began, she reached out to them to ensure their safety and they also shared details about what’s happening.

Yara then posted a video on her Instagram account to share what she knows about the situation. In the video, Yara is visibly emotional as she says her family is in a safe place, however they are very scared.

She goes on to say she’s also spoken with friends back home who have made their way to shelters for safety. They have explained to her that they continue to hear bombs going off and are just afraid of what’s going on and continue to question how they can remain safe.

Yara urged her fanbase to keep the people of Ukraine in their thoughts as she is committing herself to post different ways to provide help and support.

Yara shares her thoughts on Fox News

In a separate post, Yara shared a clip of her interview on Fox News, where she continued to share updates about the Ukrainian invasion.

In the video, she explains the trouble the citizens have been facing to find a safe place for shelter. According to her family and friends, finding petroleum for vehicles is hard, and lines for public transportation such as the train are miles long with extreme waiting times. This has caused many people to stay put at their homes, hoping it will be safer than trying to travel.

The clip also highlights the struggle to find food and water right now, which is also causing concerns. Yara explained, “Nobody was prepared for this, nobody was thinking this would happen to them so they [weren’t] ready.”

She continued to share her fears that the Ukrainian army will be forced to recruit members to fight and defend their country. Her concerns stem from having a nephew who is almost 18 and could possibly be asked to join the army. Yara then shared her hopes that this doesn’t happen and reiterated her desire for everyone to be safe.

Yara concluded her interview by admitting that she’s not sure what she can do to help but she wants to do something. She is asking anyone with information to share it with her so that she can share it on her platform.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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