90 Day Fiance viewers decide couple most likely to get back together: Syngin and Tania or Tiffany and Ronald

Tania and Syngin and Tiffany and Ronald
A poll was answered by 90 Day Fiance viewers on whether Tania and Syngin or Tiffany and Ronald will get back together. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day: The Single Life viewers are watching Tania and Syngin’s breakup and messy parting as they have also been watching Tiffany and Ronald’s relationship fall apart on social media.

Tania and Syngin are calling it quits after three years of knowing each other and two years of marriage. Tiffany and Ronald have been together for around five years and married for three. Both couples are still technically married.

Ronald and Tiffany have broken up several times and gotten back together, while Tania and Syngin have not taken a break at any point until now. Ronald and Tiffany have two kids at the center of their marriage and Tania and Syngin don’t have much baggage.

With that in mind, 90 Day viewers answered a poll by a fan page as to which couple is most likely to get back together.

90 Day Fiance viewers voted who is more likely to get back together: Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith or Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester

A poll was created by a prominent 90 Day Fiance fan page that asked, “Which former couple is more likely to get back together?”

The choices were between Syngin and Tania and Ronald and Tiffany.

The results actually came in very close with Ronald and Tiffany receiving 51% of the votes and Syngin and Tania receiving 49%.

Instagram poll from 90 Day Fiance fan page
The 90 Day poll yielded some interesting results. Pic credit: @90dayboomboom/Instagram

The results of this poll mean that viewers really can’t decide between either couple and have some faith that both of them are likely to get back together.

Both Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester and Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith are alumni within the 90 Day Fiance franchise

Tania and Syngin have appeared on many 90 Day fiance spinoffs since their original run on Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance, including Happily Ever After?, 90 Day Bares All, 90 Day Foody Call, and 90 Day Diaries.

Ronald and Tiffany were originally on Season 1 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way and have since appeared on What Now? and Happily Ever After?.

It seems that Syngin will continue to appear within the franchise without Tania since he is a part of The Single Life, although that’s not to say he and Tania won’t get back together in the future.

As for Tiffany and Ronald, it is still up in the air what will happen between them but Ronald said recently that he’s completely done with Tiffany.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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