90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers had hilarious reactions to Ariela’s Ethiopian spa day

Ariela Weinberg
The Ethiopian spa day that Ariela had got viewers talking on social media with hilarious posts. Pic credit: TLC

Ariela had an Ethiopian spa day with her future sisters-in-law on the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, and the ritual was far from what Ariela was expecting.

The strange scene featured smoke going up into their nether regions, butter in their hair, and coffee masks on their faces.

Many 90 Day fans found the segment to be hilarious and shared their thoughts on social media.

The Other Way viewers reacted wildly to Ariela Weinberg’s spa day

The Ethiopian spa day that Ariela went to with Biniyam’s sisters ended up being a bizarre and comedic scene. The Other Way viewers couldn’t help but comment on its ridiculousness over on Twitter.

Several memes were made about the scene that captured what viewers were thinking about it.

One person tweeted a still of Ariela with the butter in her hair and coffee grinds on her face, seemingly getting smoked out from the apparatus below.

They wrote, “Pretty sure the nation of Ethiopia has come together and agreed to troll Ari.”

Another person commented on the tense nature of Ariela’s relationship with Biniyam’s sisters and tied that to the overwhelming smoke from the spa.

They shared two side-by-side pictures of Ariela looking strained and remarked, “Not Bini’s sisters setting Ari on fire.”

Someone else invoked Mike Youngquist’s mom Trish’s love of butter when they posted a still from her saying, “Butter is really good for your mind.”

Then they added, “They [Biniyam’s sisters] followed Trish’s advice. Maybe if we put butter on Ari’s head, she won’t leave the US.”

Ariela Weinberg has received a lot of criticism this season

Ariela’s latest negative attention stems from her decision to go behind Biniyam’s back and make the executive decision to buy a plane ticket back to the US so she could bring their son Avi there for hernia surgery.

She decided to tell Biniyam about it in a public place and was not being sensitive to the fact that Biniyam’s ex-wife left for America with his son and never came back.

Before that, she irritated viewers when she invited her ex-husband Leandro to visit and stay with her and Binyam in their house despite Biniyam feeling very uncomfortable with it.

The Other Way viewers will have to keep watching to find out if Ariela can redeem herself.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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