90 Day Fiance: Thais Ramone opens up about life after the show

90 Day Fiance stars Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramone open up about her lives since the cameras stopped filming.
Thais Ramone and Patrick Mendes dish on living in Las Vegas. Pic credit: @thaisramoniee/Instagram

Thais Ramone and Patrick Mendes opened up about the K1 visa process on the latest season of 90 Day Fiance, but their lives have changed since we last saw them on TV.

Thais, who lived in Brazil with her close-knit family, came to the U.S to be with Patrick and attempted to settle into her new home in Dallas, Texas.

However, things were not as easy as she envisioned after realizing that Patrick’s older brother John, who lived with him, had no desire to move out.

Patrick refused to kick out his brother, and throughout the season, John and Thais butted heads several times as viewers took sides. Some people agreed that John should move out and allow the couple their space, while others felt John should not have to leave the only home he knows.

Nonetheless, it had little impact on Thais and Patrick’s romance as they tied the knot on the show and later confessed that they were expecting their first child.

The newly married couple have now moved to Las Vegas, and they shared an update on their lives during an interview.

90 Day Fiance star Thais Ramone talks life in Las Vegas

The 90 Day Fiance couple chatted with Vegas Magazine and dished on their decision to plant roots in Sin City.

The pair have already bought a new home as they await the birth of their baby girl, and they are content with the decision to live in Las Vegas.

“Here we have more people to support us. In Dallas, I only have two friends and Patrick doesn’t have anyone there. We have three friends pregnant here,” Thais explained.

“Another big thing is that my best friend that I grew up with and lived with in high school is here,” added Patrick. “They’re having a baby a month within our pregnancy.”

Patrick said he felt “a little guilty” for having Thais move from Texas to Las Vegas, but he now thinks “the move itself has made our relationship better.”

Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramone are happy in Las Vegas

The 90 Day Fiance stars spoke about their challenges regarding the move to Las Vegas, and Patrick noted the hardest thing was convincing Thais.

“We were here for a short stay [and] going out to clubs,” he explained. “I think the perception is that if you move here that’s going to be your life. I had to have her believe that we could live here.”

Patrick left it up to his wife to make the final decision during the trial run in Vegas, and “About 6 weeks or so in…she brought up that it would be better to live here,” he said.

The couple is happy with their decision, and Thais shared that she enjoys the casinos, going to the movies, and bowling with Patrick.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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